101 ESPN debuts “Hometown Heroes”


101 ESPN St. Louis announced the debut of “Hometown Heroes” an original programming series which will debut Thursday night January 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm. The first installment will be hosted by Brian Feldman and it will feature a 60 minute look back at the life and times of Normandy High School graduate and current New England Patriots Running Back Laurence Maroney.  

“Hometown Heroes” is a monthly radio program which will launch during the first week of each month and will feature interviews with local homegrown athletes and sports personalities, along with sound bites from the people who have been around each featured guest during the course of their careers. It will be a “documentary” style program that takes the listener from the beginning of the 12 featured guest’s journey to where they are currently in their lives and career.

The 2010 schedule for the “Hometown Heroes”:

•  January:  The Laurence Maroney story
•  February:  The Jeremy Maclin story
•  March:  The Randy Orton story
•  April:  The Larry Hughes story
•  May:  The David Lee story
•  June:  The Jimmy Connors story
•  July:  The Rusty Wallace story
•  August:  The Mark Buehrle story
•  September:  The Trent Green story
•  October:  The Ryan Howard story
•  November:  The Cam Janssen story
•  December:  The Bryan Cox story
                                                                                                                                                     Narration for each profile will be handled by 101 ESPN hosts including Brian Feldman, Brian Stull, Bob Ramsey and other station hosts. Chris “Hoss” Neupert will serve as Executive Producer for the series.