Oil picks up, so second bananas take over

By on Dec, 16 2014 with Comments 0

The petro companies slacked off on their task of dampening the stock market, but tech companies were more than willing to jump in and keep the red ink flowing – but broadcasters ignored these shenanigans, with radio coming home an eyelash north of flat and with television posting a nice gain.

The RBR Radio Index rose 0.134, or 0.0%, to 678.670.

The TVBR Television Index rose 11.472, or 1.3%, to 878.679.

Media General, up 9.1%
Beasley, up 4.9%
Salem, up 3.4%

SBS, down 9.1%
Cumulus, down 1.8%
Nexstar, down 1.6%














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