Journal and Renda transact Tulsa station sale

By on Mar, 21 2012 with Comments 0

$11.8M KBEZ-FM & KHTT-FM Tulsa OK (Tulsa, Muskogee) from Renda Broadcasting Corporation of Nevada (Anthony Renda, Catherine Renda) to Journal Broadcast Corporation (Steven J. Smith). Cash. LMA 3/16/12. Superduopoly with KFAQ-AM, KVOO-FM & KXBL-FM. [FCC file date 3/8/12]

$1 WWJJ-FM Jasper FL from Back Woods Communications (Donald L. Smith) to Florida Educational Radio Inc. (Nicholas T. Schroeder, Kyle G. Magrill, Joseph M. DiPietro). Cash. If resold, seller receives lesser of 20% of net or $10K. [FCC file date 3/5/12]


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