FCC Updates Broadcast Station Totals

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The FCC has updated its broadcast station totals, and as of Sept. 30 there are some 15,508 licensed AM and FM radio stations on the air in the U.S.

By comparison, a total 1,778 UHF and VHF stations are broadcasting across the nation.

Breaking down the numbers, there are 4,671 AM stations.

This means FM stations outnumber AM facilities, as there are 6,737 commercial FMs and 4,100 noncommercial FMs.

On the TV side, there are 1,035 commercial UHF stations, some 352 commercial VHF stations, 287 educational TV stations and 104 educational TV stations.

Looking at Class A facilities, UHF stations total 401. VHF stations total just 16.

Among the other statistics shared by the FCC:

UHF TRANSLATORS         3292
VHF TRANSLATORS           501

TOTAL                      10,755

UHF LOW POWER TV      1422
VHF LOW POWER TV         553

TOTAL                        1,975

LOW POWER FM                1609


This puts the total broadcast station number at 32,042.

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