Edison releases Infinite Dial Urban P1 study

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EdisonHere are some new stats from Edison Research’s recently released “Infinite Dial” study for P1s of Urban radio (including both Urban and Urban AC stations). Driven by a lower average age than any format other than Top 40, Urban/Urban AC P1s are heavier digital users in almost every way measured:

Urban/Urban AC P1s are more likely than the average 12-plus respondent to “The Infinite Dial” to have internet access (88% to 84%) and have listened to online radio in the last week (67% to 36%). They are also more likely to:

-Own a smartphone (84% to 61%)
-Own a tablet (50% to 39%)
-Have a profile on any social network (81% to 67%)
-Have watched YouTube for music in the last week (53% to 33%)
-Be aware of Pandora (85% to 70%)
and have listened in the last month (53% to 31%)
-Be aware of iHeartRadio (65% to 48%)
and have listened in the last month (15% to 9%)
-Be aware of iTunes Radio (55% to 47%)
-Be aware of Beats Music (30% to 18%)
-Subscribe to Sirius XM Satellite Radio (18% to 15%)
-Use Twitter (33% to 16%)

Like CHR, much of the digital-orientation of Urban/Urban AC P1s is driven by age. The average age of those P1s is 30-years-old vs. age 28 for Top 40 P1s and 44 for the overall sample, giving Urban/Urban AC the second youngest audience of any format.

The study also finds that Urban/Urban AC P1s are more likely than listeners overall to listen to radio at work. Just over half (51%) of those who are P1 to those formats, and who are full- or part-time employed, say they listen to radio at work. That puts Urban radio well ahead of the 40% average and behind only Classic Rock (56%).

Edison Research made headlines recently when its report on media usage by format revealed that 13% of Urban/Urban AC listeners listened most often to AM/FM radio using earbuds, earphones or some other type of headset, vs. 4% of the national sample. In addition, 25% say that they would listen to radio a lot more if their cellphones contained an FM radio tuner vs. 17% of persons-12+ overall.

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