Public File Faux Pas Could Cost A Bay Area Player

If you don't think the FCC is serious about the placement of required public file documents in a radio or TV station's electronic public file, think again. A multicultural TV station in one of the nation's biggest markets could be held liable for a $20,000 forfeiture from the FCC.

RBR + TVBR INFOCUS: Why Is musicFIRST Pushing Now?

Thanks to the efforts of music rights coalition musicFIRST, the NAB is at war with groups such as the RIAA on Capitol Hill over any new fees or royalty payments for the airplay of recorded music on the nation's AM and FM stations. Why is musicFIRST pushing so hard in the early months of the Trump Administration? Here's the NAB's take on that.

Copyright Royalty Judges Publish Final Regs

The Copyright Royalty Judges today published final regulations that set "continued, unaltered rates and terms for subpart A configurations subject to the statutory license to use nondramatic musical works to make and distribute phonorecords of those works (the Mechanical License)."

PROMOTE Act Co-Sponsor’s Motivation: Fairness

In an exclusive interview with RBR + TVBR, Rep. Ted Deutch explains why he has emerged as a key member of Congress on the issue of performance rights and radio's "fair share" — something many industry leaders have assailed as a "tax on radio."

MMTC Head Selected For FCC Broadband Committee

The Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC)'s President/CEO, Kim Keenan, has been selected as a member of the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC).

NAB Has A Repack Chat With The Commission

This moving party probably didn't feature a large pie from Pizza Paradiso and cold bottles of Yuengling beer. On Tuesday, top figures at the NAB met with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, his Chief of Staff, and his Acting Media Advisor to discuss the concerns of radio and TV companies surrounding the repack of TV stations following the close of the broadcast spectrum incentive auction.

How A Music Industry Coalition Has Courted Congress

For the last decade, musicFIRST has made it its mission to establish itself as the No. 1 advocate for artists’ rights. These efforts have been stepped up in a big way since the arrival in January of Chris Israel. Who is he, and why is he leading a push on Capitol Hill that has captured the attention -- and support -- of such House members as Darrell Issa, Marsha Blackburn and Ted Deutch? This RBR + TVBR INFOCUS pieces reviews Israel's rise, and that of musicFIRST.

Has Economics Come Back From The Dead At The FCC?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai placed a stake in the ground on Wednesday (4/5), committing himself to fix the lack of economics at the agency. Speaking at the Hudson Institute, Pai announced that he is forming the Office of Economics and Data (OED) at the FCC. In the eyes of Mark Jamison, this is a good first step.

NAB Enters ‘Fair’ Fight With Hill Ad

There's a battle brewing on Capitol Hill, and the NAB is doing its part to get more support of the "Local Radio Freedom Act" by putting its message directly in the hands of Legislative Aides and Legislative Correspondent -- and, quite possibly, a member of Congress.

FCC Asked To Review Gorsuch Ads

A K Street nonpartisan organization that considers itself "the lawyers for our democracy" has asked the FCC to review broadcast filings from the Judicial Crisis Network, which has spent millions of dollars on advertisements urging U.S. senators to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, but allegedly did not provide the disclosure required under federal law.
U.S. Congress

This House Member Wants The Tax Certificate Back

The FCC's lone Democratic Commissioner, Mignon Clyburn, has found a friend in Congress in support of her quest to have the minority tax certificate returned for radio and TV broadcasters.

Two Congressman Seek To Upend Radio Royalties

House legislation introduced Wednesday would allow performing artists to opt out of having their music played on the radio if the performing artist is not being paid an agreed-upon performance royalty. We've got an RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION on the "PROMOTE Act" everyone needs to read.
SBS / Spanish Broadcasting System

A Mega-Sized Consent Decree To Resolve Indecency

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) has resolved a lingering license renewal issue for its biggest radio station -- caused by a 11-year-old indecency complaint -- by agreeing to a $10,000 Consent Decree with the FCC. The settlement, which resolves the Media Bureau's investigation of the alleged indecency allegations, also settles issues arising from the Bureau's review of this station's 2006 and 2014 license renewals.

Pai: FCC To Get ‘Office of Economics and Data’

In a midday Wednesday address at D.C.-based conservative think tank The Hudson Institute, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai presented what he sees are four key problems regarding data collection and economic analysis at the Commission. His solution? The creation of the "OED" -- the Office of Economics and Data.

Here’s The New Executive Director At The RTDNA/F

A longtime association member, former Chairman of the Board and current Foundation Secretary/Treasurer has been named "Incoming Executive Director" of the Radio Television Digital News Association and Foundation (RTDNA/F).

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