Carr Slames Rosenworcel Push For ‘Biden Internet Control Plan’


So much for all of that cordial bipartisanship seen just days ago with the 5-0 decision to push “ZoneCasting” forward with program origination on an FM booster for up to three minutes per hour.

The Wednesday morning announcement that Jessica Rosenworcel wishes to undo Ajit Pai‘s decision to erase a Tom Wheeler-era FCC decision to place Title II classification on broadband — “net neutrality,” in everyday parlance — was slammed by the senior Republican on the FCC.

In a scathing two-page statement released Wednesday afternoon by the Commission on his behalf, Brendan Carr made it clear that, in his view, Rosenworcel is simply acting on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief.

“President Biden’s plan is to increase government control of the Internet,” Carr lamented. Speaking of the April Open Meeting vote on bringing back “net neutrality,” which will undoubtedly pass 3-2 on party lines, Carr added that “it comes on the heels of President Biden’s demand that the FCC give the Administrative State new controls over the Internet through ‘digital equity’ rules, which the agency did last November through a party-line vote. All of these steps are part of the Biden Administration’s plan for expanding
government control of the Internet.”

Expressing his opposition not to “the Chairwoman’s proposal” but to “President Biden’s plan,” Carr declared, “The American people want more freedom on the Internet—not
freewheeling micromanagement by government bureaucrats.”

Carr further noted that the return of “net neutrality” rests “on a scattershot of pretextual justifications,” and that Americans “benefited from lower prices, faster speeds, increased competition, and accelerated Internet builds” when the Pai Commission removed Title II broadband classification under the Communications Act. In fact, Carr believes “net neutrality” could lead to higher bills given what has transpired for consumers over the last several years.

Carr further took aim not at Rosenworcel but at “President Biden’s plan” by labeling it “a regulatory overreach that will hold broadband builders back” and “a big gift to Big Tech.”

He concluded his comments by noting that “President Biden’s unlawful plan will be struck down in court.”

Carr noted, “Two of the leading appellate lawyers that worked for the Obama Administration recently concluded that any FCC decision to impose Title II regulations on the Internet ‘would be struck down’ as unlawful and ‘would be a serious mistake.’ In
their words, Title II rules would represent a ‘massive waste of resources for the government, industry, and the public, as well as the lost opportunity to pursue more pressing policy goals such as deploying robust broadband service to all Americans.’”

Carr agrees. “Focusing on advancing the many important policies over which the Commission does have authority—from rural broadband and spectrum to public safety and illegal robocalls—serves the public interest far more than satiating the Biden Administration’s appetite for more control.”

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