Why Digital Metrics Issues Could Help Radio, TV

Marketers have been presented with challenges as they attempt to pinpoint consumer behavior on digital platforms

Is Your Message ‘Marketing,’ Or ‘Convincing’?

"Media Fusion Specialist" Mike Rudd believes marketing is making sure people are well aware of your true brand value

Sales Tips To Boost Your ROI Right Now

RBR + TVBR featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger shares 15 top tips collected from the top sales pros

How To Maximize Savings Without Harming The Product

A Cox Media Group market manager and a Kentucky radio station owner share their ideas and how they tackled the subject.

Getting The Most Mileage Out Of Your Sponsorship

Simple and effective ideas that will help get more mileage out of your next sponsorship program from a Yankees Radio Network sports marketing pro

Things To Ask Your Clients Right Now

Tips on how to learn more about your customers (and clients), and the best way to learn more about their perceptions of you.

Prospecting: ‘You’re Not Doing It Right’

In this Sales & Marketing piece for the RBR + TVBR Information Bureau, Don delves into the topic of prospecting

Best Practices On Observing Sales Reps In The Field

When's the last time you were out in the field with a sales rep? If it's been a while, you could be losing a potential client – and ad revenue.

Six Questions To Ask Superstar Sales Candidates

Sell your job to a superstar sales candidate by asking these six questions.

Profitable Ways To Use Extended HD Radio Capacity

Digital broadcasting opens up all sorts of opportunities--and ways to add a profit. Deb Huttenburg shares the best ways to score

Transmitter & Programming Considerations For HD Radio

Seattle radio industry veteran Marty Hadfield in 2008 shared ideas about what stations could put on an HD3 signal. His advice remains

Seven Questions Smart Sales Managers Ask

When you observe a sales rep selling in the field or on the phone, what do you look for to improve their performance?

Lose the Spot Formula

Stop writing commercials. Hedquist Productions, Inc. President/Creative Director Jeffrey Hedquist has a good reason to heed his request.

It’s Radio, So Write for the Ear

Don’t write your radio commercial, “talk” it.

Use This Simple Technique to Increase Sales

Use this simple technique to add value and increase the size of each transaction.

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