11 Meeting Topics Your Sales Reps Really Want

xPotential Selling Inc. CEO Barrett Riddleberger shares 11 meeting topics your sales reps want.

7 Critical Questions to Gut Check Your Sales Process

xPotential Selling Inc. CEO Barrett Riddleberger says your sales process should be the path of least resistance to maximum sales.

Great Sales Reps Love These 6 Things from Their Manager

Barrett Riddleberger tells us what sales reps want from their manager.

Ask Sales Candidates These Revealing Questions

10 revealing questions to ask sales candidates from xPotential Selling Inc. CEO Barrett Riddleberger.

10 Ways to Make Sales Training Work

Invest in the continuing education of your sales force

5 Email Tips That Will Make Or Break You

Behavioral marketing platform Cordial COO/Co-Founder David Baker helps readers craft effective emails.

Use Your Radio Idea File

Trying to write a spot? Go to your idea file, says Jeffrey Hedquist.

8 Sure Ways to Demotivate Your Salespeople

You can demotivate your salespeople through your decisions, says xPotential Selling CEO Barrett Riddleberger.

8 Phrases You Need to Know to Coach Sales Reps

Here are 8 phrases to use when coaching sales reps from xPotential Selling Inc. CEO Barrett Riddleberger.

The Myth of The Million Dollar Sales Rep

If you've ever had to terminate a failed sales rep, you should read this.

3 Steps to Hiring Motivated Employees

Barrett Riddlebrger says hiring motivated employees requires building a platform for success.

6 Truths Separate Superstar Salespeople From Mediocre Masses

Barrett Riddleberger says superstar salespeople are always networking.

For Better Radio – Hold the Phone

How do you get listeners to remember a phone number?

5 Things to Remove From Your Sales Meetings Now

Expert Barrett Riddleberger says many items don't belong in a sales meeting.

How to Create a Data-Savvy Sales Team

How advertising is bought and sold is undergoing a paradigm shift.

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