WNCI apologizes for parody song


CC Radio’s WNCI-FM Columbus, OH apologized on its website for airing a parody song last Tuesday. The station also agreed not to play the song again.
The song, called "Bunch of Mexicans" (to the tune of David Bowie’s Young Americans), describes a group of 14 Mexicans misunderstanding orders at a fast-food restaurant, working as landscapers, traveling in "packs" and evading immigration authorities. The song, written and performed by Dave Kaelin of the "Morning Zoo" team Dave & Jimmy, has aired a few times but this time raised the ire of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition (which threatened a boycott of advertisers).

Kaelin and WNCI PD Michael McCoy told The Columbus Dispatch they didn’t consider the song offensive, but said it was intended as a satire on Americans’ view of immigrant labor.