WGA, AMPTP new talks optimistic



So far, resumed contract negotiations between The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and network and studio representatives of the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television (AMPTP) producers have been productive, even though there were no public updates. Bottom line-both sides have agreed to keep meeting.
Meanwhile, picketing resumed in LA and NYC and writers kept up their Internet-based virtual picketing via YouTube, blogs and forums.
Said LA Weekly’s insider Nikki Finke: "’It was very productive, very level-headed, and it seemed as though the producers came ready to bargain,’ an insider told me…’Reasonableness ruled the day.’ In fact, the AMPTP reps for the studios and networks showed up…with what was described to me as ‘a very comprehensive proposal which laid out to all the entire roadmap to the deal. Over the course of the session, the producers addressed every single issue, and the writers listened and kept getting up to caucus’."

According to her sources, both sides spent the session recapping where they’d left off negotiations back on 11/4, right before the strike.
There will continue to be a news blackout on the contract talks, meaning no end-of-day statements by either the AMPTP or WGA.