Wesolowski offers to explain impact on each FM station


In an effort to build support for his proposal at the FCC to protect only the actual contours of FM stations – not the theoretical maximum build-out – Matt Wesolowski is offering to generate maps showing the impact on a particular station. He’s hoping that more station owners will file in support of his Request for Rulemaking.

Wesolowski told RBR-TVBR that he’s been hearing from lots of broadcasters. The most frequent question is a broadcaster wanting to know how the proposed rule change would help his particular station.

Since Wesolowski is not only a station owner – WYAB-FM Flora (Jackson), MS – but also a consulting engineer, he’s developed software to show the potential impact of the rule change. He’s offering to generate contour maps, at no charge, showing how the change would let stations upgrade their signals.

“If they could see a map of the before and after, I think it would get them onboard,” Wesolowski told RBR-TVBR.

So, if you want to see what the proposed rule change could mean for your station email Matt, [email protected], or phone him at 601-201-2789.

The FCC recently requested comments on the proposal, designated RM11643. In a nutshell, Weslowski wants the non-reserved portion of the FM band, where commercial stations are located, to be treated the same as the reserved educational portion of the band. Many stations would then be able to seek power increases because they would no longer have to protect potential maximum facilities which have never been built – only the actual facilities which are on the air.

The proposal and all comments may be read here on the FCC site. As reported by RBR-TVBR the initial comments filed have all been in support of the change.