Weinstein Co. signs deal with WGA


As predicted (1/8/08 TVBR #4),
Weinstein Co. signed an interim deal with the WGA, co-founder Harvey Weinstein confirmed in an interview. The agreement is identical to the pacts WGA recently signed with United Artists and Worldwide Pants.

The deals allow companies to hire union writers for their movie and television projects during the strike, which has been underway since early November.

Weinstein and others who have signed these deals hope the action will help push the studios and writers back to the negotiating table. "It’s important for the business to get the ball rolling and get back to work," said Weinstein, who with his brother, Bob, launched Weinstein Co. in 2005.

Weinstein Co. has one movie that would immediately resume work. Before the strike began, writer and director Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient") had begun work on a script for a screen version of the musical "Nine."

WGA is also in talks with other independent companies, including Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.