Website launches to defend Rush’s local advertisers


Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh mentioned it on his show Wednesday: has launched—hosted by the Small Business Authority (CEO Barry Sloane)–blaming Media Matters and activists for “intimidating” small businesses that advertise locally on Rush’s show. Rush says that numerous local advertisers have been flooded with calls bashing their choice to advertise on the show.

Says the site: “Well-funded professional activists, led by the left-wing pressure group Media Matters, are waging a campaign across America to hurt small businesses like yours through strong-arm tactics and intimidation.

They don’t like Rush Limbaugh’s point of view, they resent his extraordinary popularity, and they are trying to silence him by punishing small businesses that advertise on his show!

They are actually trying to shut down businesses – tying up phone lines, crashing websites, bombarding Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, and preventing real customers from getting through.

We’re here to help you get back to business.

Let these left-wing special interest groups know that you will not be silenced. Tell them not to trample on your First Amendment rights or improperly interfere with your business and your livelihood!

–Let MEDIA MATTERS know you won’t be silenced – click here

–Let your elected officials know that Media Matters has declared war on small businesses – click here

–Let the media know that small businesses are being hurt – click here”


  1. It isn’t true. I’m a volunteer, working with other volunteers to track Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers. I’m not even a Democrat, i’m an independent. An informal poll of our group indicated that many see this action as their first ever activism.

    And why are they motivated to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show? Rush Limbaugh’s mouth is the only reason:

  2. I’m no leftist, nor am I affiliated with any group: I’ve been a registered Independent for decades, and in 2008 I not only voted for McCain and Palin, I even put up a sign for them in my front yard. I don’t really care about Rush’s political views, but he told nothing but lies about Sandra Fluke personally as well as about her testimony, even demanding that she post videos of herself on the web having sex for his titillation and that of his audience. When he did that he galvanized me to exercise my own right to free speech, and I began contacting his local advertisers – VERY politely – to inform them that so long as they advertise on his show I will never do business with them and I will urge my friends and family to do the same. I have a teenage daughter and I owe it to her to do my best to ensure that Limbaugh’s false and misogynist charges are no longer tolerated on the public airways. Listen to what Senator McCain had to say about Limbaugh’s comments:

    And bear in mind that 53% of Americans polled by Bloomberg between March 8-11th (after Limbaugh’s so-called apology to Fluke for “those two words” — but none of his other defamatory and misogynist attacks) said they thought he should be fired, including 30% of Republicans.

    A March 14th poll by Public Policy Polling asking Americans “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh?” found that only 26% did, while 58% did not. In response to the question “Q: Did you think the comments Rush Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke last week were appropriate or inappropriate?” only 16% said they were “appropriate,” while 70% said they were “inappropriate.”

    A lot more people than “liberals” are fed up with Rush Limbaugh now, no matter what Clear Channel tries to claim and the more folks like you try to defend him, the more credibility of your own you lose.

  3. It may just well be that El Rushbo stumbled to that point where some exalted figures lose that little voice inside that says “don’t go there”. There are some who reach a certain pinnacle in public life where they forget just how fragile their ivory tower can be and they begin to buy into their own hyperbole. Rush may have gone there. I like Rush’s program. I like his perspectives. I agree about 80% of the time and I can see through his spin most of the time. Right or wrong, it’s his program; he can do/say what he wants. Within reason, the 1st amendment gives him the right. But it’s a privilege easily revoked when you live or die by public acceptance.

  4. I’m tired of the lynch-mob mentality of people who will never accomplish a tiny fraction of what Limbaugh has in the last 25 years, people who think they somehow are building their self-worth by trying to tear him down. What a pile of horsepucky!

    This teapot tempest will eventually blow over, and Rush will manage just fine.

  5. Rush has been a cancer growing in the public arena for years. It’s up to CC to keep him or not, but it’s also fair game for people to protest.

    • Then what’s Ed Schultz or Olbermann?

      Attacking one’s business or advertisers is NOT fair game, it’s terrorism and extortion.

      If we conservatives start playing the same game on MSNBC sponsors, you whiners would SCREAM bloody murder.

      Opinion is not “cancer” it’s a 1st Amendment Right. This is all about your disagreement with Rush’s views and has nothing to do with “fairness.” If we don’t fall in line, your libturd heads explode.

      And yeah I really believe the other idiots who claim to be former conservatives who “ran to the left because of Rush.” The oldest Moonbat trick in the Alinsky book.

  6. Forget about Rush Limbaugh. What worries me is your blog’s persistant attempt to jump to his defense and try to delegitimize good people who beleive his disgusting and perverted (asking the gal to show videos of her having sex) remarks have no place on free over the air radio.

    It looks to me like Clear Channel is buying your compliance. I hope not.
    I’ve always liked your fair reporting. This pro-Rush crusade makes me wonder.

    • I’ve been looking at other blogs for this reason. Taylor on radio is quite good. RBR appears to be trying to generate clicks via controversy. Sad.

  7. I am not a terrorist. I am a business owner, a woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I keep hearing accusations from Mr. Limbaugh and Fox News that I am a paid Democratic operative or working for Media Matters. It is ridiculous. Like so many others, I am simply a person who was outraged by these events and has taken my own time to be involved. I want my voice as a woman and an American to be heard.

    Every business owner has always understood that how we choose to advertise becomes a representation of our business. To say that this boycott is an attack on small business is absurd! These companies have either made the choice of this association, or it they been forced into that association by the radio station. If the later is the case they should have the choice to have their ads removed. In my conversations with many small business owners they are angered at the radio station for protecting their larger contracts and putting the smaller businesses in this time slot. If anyone is putting these businesses in danger it is those stations. They should give them the option of not being associated with Mr. Limbaugh and his offensive behavior.

    Mr. Limbaugh’s rebuttal to his three day flaying of Ms Fluke has been to repeatedly try to silence the freedom of speech of the American public for asking the simple question of businesses, is this the image you want reflected on your business? The irony is that he uses his freedom of speech as a defense. We are patriotic Americans and we have been called terrorists, paid activist, and now this is tyranny. All we have done is say enough! It is one thing to express your opinion. It is another to repeatedly dehumanize and humiliate others in front of millions. Enough!

  8. I’m a registered Republican, a conservative and one of the people who is not being directed by Media Matters in any way shape or form. Limbaugh has managed to trash his nest and pollute the airwaves. I am simply exercising my right to communicate with sponsors when they advertise on his show, and local stations that carry his obscene rants.

    Reining in potty mouthed liars abusing the public airwaves is not trampling on anyone’s free speech. He should be banished to subscription broadcasting with the likes of Howard Stern and that great bugaboo of the Rush resuscitation effort: Billy Bo Maher.

    Telling Limbaugh’s commercial supporters I will not give them my business is my privilege and I have every right to communicate and coordinate with others who share that opinion. We will persist and we will prevail because we represent the majority sentiment in this country.

  9. I am a volunteer. I had never heard of Media Matters until Mark Stevens and Rush Limbaugh brought them to my attention. I have never been in contact with them. Whoever thinks this is some sort of political conspiracy is mistaken. It is good people who believe this kind of program should not be on the public airways. I do not want my hard earned dollars to go to support this program. And the affected companies should know that.

  10. I am a mother of college educated daughter. I sacrificed plenty to get her there but I could not be more proud.
    When I heard what Rush Limbaugh said to Ms. Fluke, I was appalled, disgusted, angry and also confused. Why does
    a profesional “entretener” go that far?
    This was done on public airways, in the middle of the day.
    Why is he still on?
    This should not be matter of Left or Right, this is a matter of decency!
    Our communities deserve better programing!

  11. Please find something to fill that empty nest of yours other than be “appalled” and “confused”. Were you in the United States when Sarah Palin was on the campaign trail? If you were, you didn’t have radio or television.

  12. I`m a registered republican, i have been for 34 years. I consider myself to be a moderate republican. rush limbaugh does not represent my conservative values. I added my name to the whitehouse petitions to remove him from the public airwaves.I had not even heard of media matters until limbaugh himself mentioned them.
    contrary to what limbaugh believes, i believe this is a true grass roots effort to remove him from the public airwaves.I believe that a large portion of americans have had enough of limbaughs obscenities polluting our airwaves.

  13. One Friday afternoon, while in the car driving my kids home from school, I had to suddenly turn off the radio after hearing the word “slut” at least 5 times in the period of one minute. Later, I discovered that this tirade had gone on for 3 days and included asking for sexual acts to be recorded and placed online as “payment” for contraceptives.
    Now I don’t care what party you belong to, if you listen to this crap or buy advertising time from this a**hole, you are someone I want nothing to do with.

  14. Talk about “exploding heads”. Poor Ryan must have an enormous crater in his. Olbermann, Savage, Rush, Schultz, Hannity, O’Reilly, all of them are cancers of a varying degree. And we certainly must include Roger Ailes in this honor roll.

    As a retired GSM at a cluster including an AM that carries Rush, I could see some advertisers whose product/service was clearly skewing 18-49 advertising on Rush whose demos were overwhelmingly 50+. But they were in tune with his message. Wonder how many sales they lost because of that?

  15. This was a genuine grass root outrage at Rush Limbaugh publicly attacking a private citizen stating some very degrading remarks.

    My theory is the Right cannot accept this, because they are constantly manufacturing outrages, such as Obama’s birth certificate controversy. They project their own values and just assume that any outrage at them must be artificial as well.

    Someone is in for a big surprise in 2012.

  16. sorry to disappoint you. i had my own appalled moments without the help of media matters or any liberal. I am a conservative. I detest being associated with the hatred and untruths spread by this individual. This blame game conspiracy angle is an attempt to create an “us against them” mentality. The “them” however, cannot be defined in terms of party, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class, or even education. “Them,” those who would like to see this radio announcer removed, can be defined through their sense of what is right and fair..and they are simply weary of the ridiculousness of this person. that is all it is.

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