WCBS-FM coming back to The Big Apple!


As we mentioned first in yesterday's Media Business Report (7/5/07 MBR): Word on the street is that WCBS-FM NY is heading back to Oldies next week and dropping "Jack FM."

An RBR source says CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason mentioned this was one of the first things he'd do, after flipping 92.3 K-Rock back to Alternative, from "Free-FM." We assume all of the imaging and liners will return as well, hopefully along with as much of the original talent as possible. CBS Radio had no official comment. Needless to say, the move to switch the station from its original Oldies format to "Jack FM" was met with a lot of criticism. 

SmartMedia observation: When they flick the switch they should just say "We're baaaack! WCBS-FM: "Just Great." We estimate the format will be a bit updated – maybe hits and deeper cuts from the 60's, 70s and 80's? New Yorkers are forgiving if you just admit the mistake. Now when this flip happens the key will be the talent, execution, marketing etc. then wait and see if the 36 million in ad revenue returns.