Christian Radio Player WAY Media Synchs With StreamGuys


WAY Media’s 17 owned-and-operated Christian Contemporary noncomms across the U.S. will now have a simplified way to manage its in-stream advertising workflow, thanks to a new arrangement with content delivery network and streaming media provider StreamGuys.

The WAY-FM-branded stations will have access to a SaaS toolset of dynamic ad insertion, audience measurement and statistical reporting software, which will be used to support its live broadcast streams.

WAY Media Chief Content Officer Faron Dice noted the selection of StreamGuys was tied to a goal of streamlining the management process for local and national ad insertions, including audio pre-rolls and mid-rolls.

In addition to minimizing labor, “We have a small digital team that wants to do very big things,” Dice said. “We needed a simple yet feature-rich advertising toolset to support a fairly complicated streaming network, which includes flexible scheduling for national spots and local ads sold by local staff – as well as the ability to seamlessly switch and rotate many ads over the life of a campaign.”

He says StreamGuys was chosen for its understanding of how to work with Christian broadcasters, while providing a product accessible to staff regardless of their technical prowess.

StreamGuys also integrated a rich set of reporting and monitoring software tools, with in-depth statistics and analytics. This includes a log processing service that provides detailed metrics including hits, visitors, geographic location and play duration over any period time; and an audience measurement tool that provides insight into peak audience levels and other trends to support educated decisions on when and how to effectively scale streaming services.