Watchdogs call on MSNBC to can Pat Buchanan


MSNBC analyst Pat Buchanan has a new book that has raised more than a few eyebrows. It’s called “Suicide of a Superpower” and includes among other things a chapter called “The End of White America.” Buchanan’s decision to promote the book on a radio program called The Political Cesspool, which is accused of promoting a racist agenda, has watchdogs calling for his termination on MSNBC.

Media Matters for America and are two watchdogs that want to see Buchanan get the axe.

ColorOfChange noted Buchanan’s stint on the radio program: “In his interview, Buchanan repeatedly warned of the dangers of America’s increasing diversity. Buchanan also went on to say that white males are the ‘victims of affirmative action, not the beneficiaries.’  In calling for his firing, cited a long history of bigoted rhetoric from Buchanan.”

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of, said “This weekend Pat Buchanan showed us where he really belongs — on white supremacist radio, not on national television. MSNBC’s motto is ‘lean forward,’ but Pat Buchanan’s bigoted ideology would be backwards for the 1930s. Thousands of ColorOfChange members – Black Americans and our allies of every race – are calling on MSNBC to fire him immediately.”

Media Matters added more complaints. It said, “When pressed by a radio host to explain his warning that test scores will decline ‘as more and more of the children taking those tests will be African-American and Hispanic,’ Buchanan refused to disavow the idea that non-whites have inferior genes.”

For its part, the Political Cesspool website notes that it is used to being attacked by watchdogs in particular and Media Matters in particular and says it has no such agenda. It does list its agenda, however. Here’s the Political Cesspool Statement of Principles:

* The United States government should be independent of any international organization of governments and American law should not be imposed by organizations such as the United Nations.
* America would not be as prosperous, ruggedly individualistic, and a land of opportunity if the founding stock were not Europeans.
* Since family is the foundation of any strong society, we are against feminism, abortion, and primitivism.
* Private property rights are inviolable. They come from our God-given right to life.
* We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.
* Issues such as education, environmental law, and police should be decentralized down to the lowest level to insure natural rights and efficiency.
* Secession is a right of all people and individuals. It was successful in 1776 and this show honors those who tried to make it successful in 1865.
* We are cultural conservatives because we have certain morals to which we adhere. We are against homosexuality, vulgarity, loveless sex, and masochism.
* We wish for American government to stop interfering politically, militarily, and socially outside of the borders of the United States of America. We want non-interventionism.