“Vernuccio/Allison Report” gets syndicated


Frank-VernuccioThe Vernuccio/Allison Report began as an “insiders guide” to the news, aimed at key media & government leaders. Affiliated with the New York Analysis of Policy & Government, it features vital names from think tanks, politics, and key agencies.

The broadcast’s uniquely authoritative & intelligent take on major issues had appeal beyond the trade, however, and is now available nationwide.

The show is affiliated with the New York Analysis of Policy and Government and the Nationally Syndicated Minute Report for America.

Frank Vernuccio is the Editor-in-Chief of the nationally read New York Analysis of Policy & Government, (usagovpolicy.com) and has served in both Republican & Democrat administrations. Frank also produces the syndicated Minute Report for America heard on numerous stations nationwide.

For more information on Frank Vernuccio visit http://usagovpolicy.com or www.wvox.com.