Vegas Class A going to wireless company


SoldLandover Wireless Corporation is looking forward to spectrum auctions in the TV space, but is not keen on waiting until 2015 or 2016. But in Las Vegas, it is going to establish a presence on Channel 17 (488-494 MHz) via the acquisition of KEEN-CD.

The station is being sold by Christian Media Associations International Inc., headed by Dale Davidson and Guy R. Williams.

Landover is headed by Laurence S. Zimmerman.

The price for the station will be $425K cash. It is being sold as is, where is.

Landover believes that it will be on the forefront of job creation as a provider of mobile broadband. It states, “Landover Wireless is an innovative mobile broadband company. We are developing a national, 4G mobile broadband offering, to provide all Americans with access to the highest quality and most affordable pricing available. We have established a formidable coverage footprint, having acquired hundreds of licenses in the 500-600 MHz band. We continue to aggressively acquire spectrum in the secondary market to complete our national coverage footprint. Our planned service launch will commence in 2012.”