TRN vs. Dial Global, et al moved to NYC


TRN - Talk Radio NetworkTalk Radio Network’s antitrust suit against Dial Global, Triton Media, Compass Media Networks, WYM Media Management and others has been moved to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York from California. The move was granted by Judge Jesus G. Bernal in California upon a motion by Dial Global. Norm Pattiz’s Courtside Entertainment motion to be dismissed as a defendant was also granted by the same judge for “lack of subject matter jurisdiction,” disagreeing with the claims of interference with talent contracts.

TRN’s Federal action was filed last August against Dial Global and multiple other parties, asserting antitrust, anti-monopoly and other claims. The complaint (which demands a jury trial), includes “Complaint for Violations of the Sherman Act and the Cartwright Act, and for Fraudulent Inducement, Interference with Contract and Interference with Prospective advantage.” It named Dial Global, Excelsior Radio Networks, Triton Radio Networks, Triton Media Group, Oaktree Capital Management, Verge Media Companies, Courstide, LLC, Compass Media Networks, Compass Media Marketing, WYD Media Management (Ron Hartenbaum), Spencer Brown, Ken Williams, David Landau (of DG), Norm Pattiz (of Courtside), Peter Kosann (of Compass) and Ron Hartenbaum.

Talk Radio Network recently filed a second amended complaint for antitrust violations, unfair competition, breach of contract and more against the same parties.