Transactions: 8-17-10


$150K WPIE-AM Ithaca NY (Trumansburg NY) from Pembrook Pines Ithaca Ltd. N.A. (Robert J. Pfuntner) to Taughannock Media LLC (Todd S. Mellinson, Tina M. Mellinson). $7.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. JSA 7/1/10. Seller has right of first refusal to repurchase the station. [FCC file date 8/5/10]

$115K KQZQ-FM Kiowa KS from Troy A. Unruh to My Town Media Inc. (David L. Murfin, William B. Wachter et al). $15K earnest money, balance in cash at closing, LMA 8/1/10. [FCC file date 8/5/10]