Transactions: 7-14-11


$198M WRXP-FM New York; and WKQX-FM/WLUP-FM Chicago from Emmis Communications Corporation (Jeff Smulyan) to Merlin Media Licensee LLC (GTCR Merlin Holdings, Benjamin L. Homel, Emmis Operating Company). Combination of cash and stock. Value is RBR-TVBR estimate. [FCC file date 6/28/11]

$2.1M KUVA-AM/KINL-FM Eagle Pass TX; and KUVA-FM/KVOU-AM/KVOU-FM Uvalde TX from Rhattigan Broadcasting (Texas) L.P. (Michael Rhattigan) to MBM Radio Eagle Pass LLC/MBM Radio Uvalde LLC, subsidiaries of MB Revolution LLC (Roberto Gonzalez). $210K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Two separate markets. [FCC file date 6/29/11]