A ‘Q-Tiful’ Gift In Tampa


A silent AM in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market, along with its FM translator, has been dealt to Q-Broadcasting Corp.

However, it is the translator that has brought some cash to the seller, as the AM station was given away.

WTIS-AM 1110 in St. Petersburg, licensed for 10kw during daylight hours from a 3-tower array and 150 watts at night from a 2-tower array, is being donated to the George Arroyo-led Q-Broadcasting by WTIS-AM Inc., led by Ron Roseman.

What Arroyo’s company is buying from Roseman is WTIS’s translator, W266CW, at 101.1 MHz in St. Petersburg. The sale price is $175,000. W266CW is also silent, as it cannot presently rebroadcast WTIS.

WTIS needs to move its transmitter, due to a loss of tower space, FCC documents show.

There was no broker in this transaction, which sees WTIS and the translator become siblings of WONQ-AM in Oviedo, WRMQ-AM in Orlando, WAMA-AM in Tampa and WPSP-AM in West Palm Beach.

All four stations air Spanish-language programming, and WTIS and W266CW are expected to follow suit with an as-yet-unannounced format targeting Latino consumers in Pinellas County.


  • Georgia Eagle Media has entered into an asset gift and purchase agreement with nonprofit Augusta Radio Fellowship Institute that sees Class A ESPN Sports Radio affiliate WNNG-FM in Unadilla, Ga, change hands. The deal’s total value is $313,000, with a $50,000 purchase of the land, transmitter building and tower, and a charitable contribution in the amount of $263,000 for the station license and miscellaneous equipment. A $5,000 escrow payment has been made to the seller’s agent, Southmayd & Miller.


  1. Correction on your WTIS-AM Article.

    WRMQ-AM is a Black Gospel Station and does not air any Spanish programming.

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