Traffic Day is November 2


Wednesday, (November 2nd) is “Traffic Day.” It’s the day set aside to recognize and say “Thank You” to the unsung heroes of the so-called back office staff that funnel all the outstanding “front office” efforts onto the logs, through automation playback units, then reconciled logs and off to billing. They are the “other” primary links in the Revenue Management chain.
From Larry Keene, Traffic Directors of America (TDGA) CEO:
“With the deepest of respect for all you do, here’s our promised reminder to take a moment to say thank you, either with a quick visit to their office or cubicle area, or a phone call… or if possible something modest to express the appreciation of all the internal people they serve year round. 

This year, three major Traffic Software companies, two State Broadcaster Associations, a major Group Broadcaster and numerous trade publications are doing all sorts of Traffic-related campaigns to honor the hard-workers that really (more than anything) yearn for a “Thank You” from you.

Maybe some Danish or Donuts, Flowers, or treat Traffic to lunch. (If you can join them, it would be even more appreciated, of course). Certainly dinner from a trade account is always most appreciated. We’re actually sending out over 5,000 Cards, running scores of articles on our website – but some gesture from you, and their colleagues at the Station or Group, would say far more than you might imagine.

Each year, we hear the most important single item they want (most)– is some recognition from the folks they work with, and for. Traffic Director’s Day applies to all phases of the inner-office from Continuity, Production, Billing, Business Office, etc. It’s one day a year to do something that shows without you (and without Traffic) there would be no bottom line.  on Wednesday, we hope you’ll take the initiative and be a part the thing they want most – recognition and your ‘thank you’.”