Top cars for city commuting named


Car RadioFor broadcasters serving America’s commuting public – that means radio broadcasters in particular – the information provided in this list of top commuter vehicles may be of interest to your audience and/or advertisers.

The list comes from Total Car Score, which ranks passenger vehicles on a wide variety of factors. For the purposes of naming the best cars for commuters, it took each vehicle’s total score and factored in fuel efficiency to produce its list.

TCS said it used city mileage figures rather than highway because that is the kind of traffic commuters primarily deal with on their way to work.

“The highway number can be an inaccurate representation of real-world fuel efficiency,” remarked Karl Brauer, Editor in Chief of Total Car Score. “The mixed mpg rating, which represents the overall fuel efficiency of a vehicle, is usually closer to the city mpg than the highway number. That’s because the EPA knows most people spend the majority of their drive time in low-speed, stop-and-go driving conditions.”

The TCS standards produced a mix of electric, hybrid, diesel and gasoline-powered models.

Without further ado, here is the list:
Rank, model, City MPG/Total Car Score
1. Nissan Leaf (electric): 106/78.76
2. Toyota Camry Hybrid: 43/86.31
3. Ford Fusion Hybrid: 41/80.05
4. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: 35/83.56
5. Lexus RX Hybrid: 32/85.13
6. Volkswagen Passat (diesel): 31/82.19
7. Audi A3 (diesel): 30/80.76
8. Volkswagen Golf (diesel): 30/83.29
9. Chevrolet Sonic: 29/76.56
10. Ford Fiesta: 29/77.08
Source: Total Car Score