Here’s A New Cross-Format Radio Imaging Toolkit


Tirade and Megatrax have a new multi-format imaging offering for radio stations across North America.

The “Tirade Tool Kit” includes thousands of workparts, including short-form FX and Hits, as well as fully produced stagers ranging in length from four to 13 seconds.

It can be subscribed to as a stand-alone or bundled with other Megatrax products.

All new subscribers to Tirade Tool Kit will receive the full back-catalog of workparts and can expect a new update every week featuring over 30 new elements.

The Tirade Tool Kit is designed to turn previously complicated production into a “plug and play” process.

Users can take advantage of pre-made stagers or combine FX, hits and music snippets from popular tunes to make custom imaging solutions.

Tirade Tool Kit is the latest custom option available from Megatrax.