TiVo adds Nielsen into Media TRAnalytics


TiVoTiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) has signed an agreement to make certain Nielsen data available as a parallel resource within TRA’s business intelligence single-source data solution for mutual subscribing clients of TRA and Nielsen. This provides TRA customers with a vast increase in efficiency making it easier to utilize TRA’s unique purchase-level insights.

TRA’s web-based Media TRAnalytics platform matches set-top box data with purchasing data from that household, enabling TRA clients to find “The Right Audience” based on actual consumer purchase behavior.

Said Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA: “Helping advertisers be smarter about their buys by using consumer purchaser data is ingrained in our company’s DNA. TRA Purchaser Ratings Points have become invaluable for our customers in media planning and buying. Many customers believe that they will make even more use of our data with the ability to reference the Nielsen data, where appropriate, in Media TRAnalytics. By providing access to certain ratings data along with our far more granular purchaser insights, we have made our customers’ jobs significantly easier and we are excited that this addition to our system will further improve media buying, selling and execution.”

TRA products help advertisers, agencies and television networks improve ad targeting, accountability and return on media investment within the Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Pharmaceutical industries, as well as a growing number of client CRM engagements.