This Bud’s too slow? More commentary:


So, GM is in trouble.  And, Anheiser-Busch has a European management team that dictates when media gets paid.  So what!  How many of us, have had to wait for the local hospital group to pay us, and countless others?  How many fast-food outlets are only on stations that trade-out gift certificates, because of their late pay attitude?  Where’s the "moral outrage" over the amount of trade-out business, where radio stations are taking an advertiser’s product or service and selling it for 50% or less, against the advertiser itself!  And, don’t tell me it’s to build traffic for the advertiser…not when you’re selling the same meatball sandwich for the last seven years at half-price to the same eight listeners!

And, don’t go crying to your various broadcasting associations, to make a stand… they’re NOT your bill collectors.
The trades seem to be amplifying this concern, about slow-pay.  And, as long as it’s posted on the web, the news will spread to those furniture outlets, carpet stores, and banks…that use to pay on time, when they didn’t know about new cars and beer.

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it’s time to stop the trade publication madness.  Stop it!

We now know about Anheiser Busch and GM.  Let’s move on, and fix our business.  Doing less ‘horsetrading’ and more spec spots is a great start.

Mark Heller, President & GM

WGBW Radio, Two Rivers, WI