The Podcast Listener: Young, and Willing To Spend


Westwood One executive Pierre Bouvard has written a blog post that offers a rosy picture of just who listens to podcast, and what their disposable income portrait shows.

The median age of the podcast listener? It is 34, compared to 48 for AM and FM radio.

Bouvard also says the podcast audience is pretty upscale.

As first reported by Streamline Publishing’s Podcast Business Journal, Bouvard’s assessment of podcast listeners offers some robust findings.

Bouvard notes that not only are your listeners making decent money, they are educated.

“[Some] 53% of persons 18+ who have listened to an audio podcast in the past 30 days are employed in a white-collar occupation,” Bouvard says. He also notes that 39% hold management positions and 55% have a household income of $75,000+, making this group an audience advertisers want to reach.

Read Bouvard’s entire post HERE.

Podcast Business Journal