The Growing ‘Esports’ Phenomenon Now Includes NAB Show


Still don’t think “Esports” is a topic of importance to the bottom line of radio broadcasting companies?

You may want to be sure to visit a new exhibit floor destination at the 2019 NAB Show devoted to the growing profit source for such companies as Beasley Media Group.

Introducing the “Esports Experience,” to be located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The interactive area will feature exhibits, a theater and educational programming that showcases the latest online gaming trends and content delivery technologies.

The 2019 NAB Show will be held April 6-11, with exhibits April 8-11. RBR+TVBR will offer reports in partnership with Streamline Publishing’s Radio Ink.

Esports Experience sessions will examine the overall landscape of the increasingly popular live gaming industry. Examples of topics include branding, media rights, in-game camera systems, streaming, monetization, consumer engagement and game development. The Esports Experience will include a live gaming component, in which attendees can observe professional teams and also have the opportunity to play themselves.

The Esports Experience houses a built-in recording studio, in which gaming radio show CheckPoint XP — the hallmark of recently launched Esports initiative BEASLEY XP will conduct live interviews with NAB Show speakers, industry leaders and influencers.

Additionally, this year’s NAB Show will feature a Main Stage session titled “The Esports Evolution: What’s Next in Gaming” on Wednesday, April 10.

Panelists will discuss trends and technologies impacting both players and content creators. Participants include professional gamer and ReadyUp founder Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel; Detroit Renegades co-owner Chris Roumayeh; and others.

Esports professionals and fans will also have the opportunity to network during an industry meet-up held in the Esports Experience on April 10 at 4:30 P.M.

Current Esports Experience sponsors include Beasley, Akamai, Beasley Broadcast Group, eBlue, Grass Valley, IHSEusa and The Switch.

Additional esports-focused sessions are listed here.


Esports Opportunity for the Broadcast Industry

The esports phenomenon continues to gain momentum. A new Futursource Consulting study predicts the business will reach over $1 billion dollars in revenue this year. Media rights is a big part of that equation … and there’s growth ahead.