'The Bachelor Pad Ends' My Life Begins Again! (review)


There were definitely some great highlights from the finale of Bachelor Pad: (1) the fact that this torturous show is finally over is a highlight by itself; (2) After Dave found out he’d be splitting the $250,000 with Natalie, he ran over to Chris Harrison and kissed him square on the lips; (3) Elizabeth “Screw Loose” Nanny dyed her hair back to brunette (MUCH improved); (4) Jessie sticking up for Tenley when obnoxious Juan questioned how she ever made it to the finals, but then Jessie voted for Dave and Natalie anyway. Is it me or are Tenley and Kiptyn born to be runner ups?

The dance competition was a pretty great idea for a final competition. Tenley was totally psyched when they announced that ballroom dancing would be the contest, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with Natalie and Dave, who did not have any formal dance training experience. When Tenley kept whispering to Kiptyn “Smile!” throughout their performance, it cracked me up. As soon as the music started, Tenley went straight into performance mode – flash the white toothed smile, spray tan and she was so determined to be graceful! Ten was predictably extremely talented – I wonder why they didn’t consider her for Dancing with the Stars. Elizabeth and Kovacs were a train wreck, but it was more amusing to watch Elizabeth lose her mind watching Edyta bend all over her boyfriend in rehearsals. Did anyone else think Kiptyn looked completely ridiculous in that tux? Tenley and Kiptyn were dressed for prom, whereas Kovacs and Dave were wearing figure skating shimmery outfits. It was fun to see Trista back as a judge – and Jake was so annoying in his limited time on the show. He was definitely a bit stiff with his remarks on Tenley’s performance – probably didn’t like seeing her kick her leg up for another dude.

As soon as Tenley and Kiptyn chose Natalie and Dave to be in the finals with them, it was obvious who the winner would be. If the entire cast of the show had to vote between Kovacs/Elizabeth and Tenley/Kiptyn, it would be no contest. Kip-Ten would have certainly taken the cake. The fact that the majority of cast members voted to help Natalie get out of debt and Dave go on vacation speaks volumes, as voting for Kip-Ten would at least give the cast a chance to give money to the charity of their choice.

It was pretty awful watching Michelle talk to Tenley. They should not allow Michelle to go wandering in public areas without supervision. She was pretty nasty to poor Tenley – and telling Ten that “What goes around comes around,” even after Tenley apologized, is really like kicking a puppy. I thought Tenley’s waterworks would explode at that point, but she surprisingly held it together. Then when Juan came out with his nasty remarks (why didn’t anyone punch him?) Tenley was absolutely speechless. Kiptyn should have banged him in the head. Why on earth he didn’t stick up for his woman, I have no idea. Kip has always seemed a little less interested in Ten than she is with him. It will be interesting to see whether these two last.

Not surprisingly, Kovacs and Elizabeth split. Although she still seems flirtatious with him on the finale. The Wes/Gia thing was ridiculous, especially the kiss – totally staged. Gia has proven herself to be one of the dumbest female contestants the show has ever had, so I think she’ll make a great fit for Wes. It was completely ridiculous to suggest that Kiptyn should pick Nikki over Tenley when Kiptyn had to pick the other half of his pair. Even more ridiculous is that Gia was sticking up for Nikki when she completely berated her in front of everyone in the house on the show. Gia should stick to bathing suit modeling and keep her mouth closed.

Krisily’s pout kind of reminded me of a bulldog.

Peyton looked great, as usual, but I wish they had explored whether she had forgiven Jesse B enough to possibly go on another date with him, especially after he comforted her after the fateful water balloon competition. We didn’t hear much from Jesse B. Surprisingly quiet were Craig M and the Weatherman. And let us not forget another highlight of the night – Wes’s guitar accompanied love song to Jillian, which the entire cast knew every word of.

The whole “Keep” vs. “Share” concept was pretty brilliant. When Dave chose to share the money, and Natalie saw his decision and said, “Can I say something?” everybody (including myself) thought she had surely chosen to “Keep” all of the money. Natalie wins the Academy Award for best fake-out, and it was a great moment when she revealed her decision to share the money as well. I don’t see it lasting between her and Dave, but it sounds like they will keep their friendship.

So the Bachelor season is over and Dancing With the Stars (and Jennifer Grey, the Situation, Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin and Audrina Patridge) will begin. It should be a fun show. My boss is on week 10 of maternity leave, and I need a vacation! The Husband stopped watching Bachelor Pad after the first week and has done a head first dive into football season. I think he is in at least 4 fantasy football leagues. It will be nice to free up my Monday nights again to scream at the TV at something other than Bachelor Pad. Be sure to check back to my blog at http://bachelorlove.blogspot.com
for Bachelor updates, periodic commentary on my favorite shows and to let me know what you are all watching this fall. It sounds like The Bachelor will not be back until January. Have a great autumn!

By Stacey B