Taking the bloom off the berg?


According to new Gallup Poll, there does not appear to be much of a public appetite for a third party candidate at the moment. The poll, flagged by bloggers Greg Mitchell and Greg Sargent, finds that 84% of respondents say at least one of the candidates currently running would make a good chief executive; 72% say the candidates are addressing issues of greatest concern; and 58% say that one or more has "…good ideas for solving the country’s problems."

Gallup wrote, "The American public does not appear to believe it is important or necessary for an independent candidate outside the traditional two major parties to step into the race in order to save the nation."

RBR/TVBR observation: The aura around Michael Bloomberg has been heating up lately, but maybe this will knock it down a few notches on the thermometer. We have no idea if this result jibes with the results the New York City mayor has been getting in his own quiet researches. Of course, a steep uphill climb often is not nearly enough to stop a committed candidate. But whether or not Bloomberg enters the race, make sure the drawer on you cash register is well-oiled — political is going to be a hot category this year with or without him, if you had the wisdom and foresight to locate you station in the right battleground.