Stocks pass then slip from benchmark


The magical properties of a 2000 S&P 500 rating came and went Monday, but by the close of business the number had slipped into three-digit territory, according to USA Today, ending slightly up. Broadcast issues were also slightly up on average, although the bulk of the gains came courtesy of Clear Channel, in a class by itself with a 6% gain.

The RBR Radio Index rose 2.317, or 0.3%, to 792.364.

The TVBR Television Index fell 3.154, or 0.4%, to 823.023.

CC Media, up 6.0%
Gray, up 1.0%
Beasley, up 1.0%

Cumulus, down -3.0%
Nexstar, down -1.7%
LIN TV, down -1.3%