Station management celebrates 2010 "Marconi Heroes"


RBR-TVBR asked station management why they think their nominated Marconi Radio Award talent should win – and to provide some color and background on why these heroes of local broadcasting were picked this year. The Marconi Radio Awards honor both radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced September 30 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show held during the 2010 NAB-RAB Radio Show in Washington, DC.

2010 NAB Marconi Radio Award Finalists

Major Market Personality of the Year


Gene and Julie, KVIL-FM, Dallas (CBS Radio)

From Kurt Johnson, VP/Programming, CBS Radio/Dallas:
“Dynamic duo Gene & Julie are celebrating 15 years as an award-winning morning show.  This unique married couple lives their lives out loud on the air, and listeners can’t get enough. They dominate the Dallas market, rank #1 with Women 25-54, and boast KVIL’s highest morning ratings in 13 years. In addition to their successful radio program Gene & Julie have now taken their motivational message on the road with their free “Couple Power” workshop, profoundly touching the audience, even bringing them to tears of joy. They are also developing a daytime television talk show and are publishing a book, “Survival Guide for Working Spouses.” Their many recognitions include being featured on Oprah and recently receiving the 2010 “Professional Achievement Award” from the University of Puget Sound.  As dedicated community servants they have raised well over $3 million for Dallas charities including Children’s Medical Center.”

Dean and The Morning Team, KLUV-FM, Dallas (CBS Radio)

From GM Peter Zolnowski:
“Jody Dean & the Morning Team is uniquely DFW.  Jody is born and raised here and has been active in the media since his mid-teens.  As a producer for Ron Chapman, he learned what really pushes the market’s hot-buttons. 

While the show is fun and funny on a daily basis, they do not shy away from controversial issues when they need addressing.  The team does not have a unified point of view.  The five members of the tame range in age from the mid 20’s to 60…and they range in viewpoint from conservative to liberal.  It makes for a well rounded (and sometimes heated) debate when they take on a hot topic. 

Having spent time as an anchor at KRLD AM and CBS-11 TV, Jody Dean also has a great set of interviewing skills.   Robert Duvall, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Chuck Greenburg (new owner of the Texas Rangers) and multiple musical artists and television stars are among the roster of great interviews that have aired on the show.

With benchmark programming that’s compelling every day, plus great guests whenever possible, the show is appointment listening every day.”

Dunham, Miller & Keith, KTCK-AM, Dallas (Cumulus Media Dallas)

From Jeff Catlin, PD, Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket; OM 99.5 The Wolf, 570 KLIF, FM 93.3:
“Craig Miller, George Dunham and Gordon Keith are The Dunham and Miller Show. They have been on AM Drive on The Ticket in Dallas for 13 years.  The Ticket is a little 9k watt AM signal…the “little” Ticket is what we call it. Its like the little train that could. Going on 16 years in the DFW market. The engine that drives that train is the Dunham and Miller Show. In a market with Kidd Kraddick, at times Howard Stern, Lex &Terry and many other great local & National morning shows, Dunham and Miller have been consistent winners. They have been a dominant #1 in AMD with M25-54 for every month of the PPM era (the last 17 months) and in the diary they were #1 for years before that. The are consitently Top 3 with all adults 25-54.

Note that 2 other nominees in this category are also from Dallas. So D&M compete against them everyday.

In order to have the ratings like that, you have to be consistently entertaining. In a world in which radio competes for listeners time vs. all other media and mediums, Dunham and Miller deliver. Every segment, every day. They work very hard at their show, despite their success. They come up with new ideas, new bits and new angles that continue to surprise and wow their listeners.

Their on-air chemistry has been forged by years of working together, and before that a friendship. Gordon Keith is a unique talent that brings a wide variety of voices, characters and comedic wit to the show. George and Craig are local boys made good that have spent literally lifetimes watching the Dallas Ft Worth sports teams and scene. They are the opinion makers in town on the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars.”


Ronn Owens, KGO-AM, San Francisco (Citadel Media)

From Jack Swanson, KGO OM:
“Ronn Owens is celebrating his 35th anniversary at KGO Newstalk 810 and in that time he has had thousands of guests on the hot seat including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steve Martin, Condoleezza Rice, Benjamin Netanyahu, John McCain, Eliot Spitzer, Joe Montana, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Carter, Willie Mays, Secretaries of State, CIA Directors and community leaders.

As a versatile talk host and author, Ronn covers everything from politics to pop culture and his show has been called the “ultimate town hall meeting”. Similar to our listenership, Ronn is unpredictable and has long been the voice of reason in the Bay Area.

Ronn also puts his money where his mouth is working on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for KGO’s Annual Cure-A-Thon that has raised over $19,000,000 and serves on the boards of various community organizations.

Ronn has just been nominated to the 2010 National Radio Hall of Fame.

I asked Ronn what some of the nicest things that he’s heard from listeners and he said,

‘Ronn makes the news very entertaining! I feel that I have a have a personal relationship with him and that feel like I grew up with him’.”


Pierre Robert, WMMR-FM, Philadelphia (Greater Media)
From Bill Weston, WMMR PD:
“Pierre Robert is in the midst of a 28 year run on the same station, heritage rocker 93.3 WMMR-FM in Philadelphia.  He is a key component in MMR’s 5+ decades position as Philly’s rock station.  Pierre embodies the independent and intimate relationship with listeners the same way Greater Media’s family owned company conducts business in market #8.  Pierre broadcasts live and local, as do all dayparts.  It’s live talent, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Pierre’s laid-back and friendly on-air style speaks to each listener in a one-on-one, very personal way.  His masterful interviewing skills coupled with a vast knowledge of all music styles has granted him access to a pantheon of rock royalty- including recent sit downs with the Rolling Stones, The Who, Bono, STP, Rush, The Pretenders, Foo Fighters, and Robert Plant.  You’ll see Pierre’s love of music lead him to most live concert events from the smallest clubs to the largest stadiums (to cover and report on shows).  Add in a seemingly omnipresence at civic and charitable affairs and you’ll understand why Pierre Robert is the most recognized and revered radio talent in the region.”

Large Market Personality of the Year


Mike Rosen, KOA-AM, Denver (Clear Channel)

From Jenny Godehn, Director of Promotions, 850 KOA, AM 760, 630 KHOW:
“In his 22 years of broadcasting, Mike Rosen has challenged listeners, local newsmakers, luminaries, and even presidents on the most critical issues of the day.  Those that would debate Rosen are advised to proceed carefully and be prepared to defend positions with facts and figures, rather than platitudes and emotional statements.

While Rosen is Colorado’s source for heated and compelling conservative talk, he does show his softer side when supporting charities close to his heart. Mike is a passionate voice for Step 13, a program that aims to get addicted people off the street and into jobs.  Rosen holds an on-air auction annually for Step 13 and has raised over 1.7 million for the cause.

It’s clear why Mike Rosen is one of Talker’s Magazines Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America and holds the Colorado Broadcaster’s Association award for Best News/Talk Show Host.  Mike Rosen is directly on the pulse of Colorado with no-nonsense news talk and his signature dose of sardonic wit.  For your consideration:  Mike Rosen for the Large Market Personality of the Year Marconi Award.”


Mike Trivisonno, WTAM-AM, Cleveland (Clear Channel)
From PD Ray Davis:
“Mike Trivisonno started at WTAM in 1994 and moved to p.m. drive in the summer of 1996 but he really started in radio as a caller to the Pete Franklin show on 3WE (1100 AM now WTAM again).   He was known as “Mr. Know It All” and was a regular caller for than 13 years never afraid to unload biting commentary on any sports situation or personality in the news. 

He got his break professionally doing sports reports/commentary on WNCX 98.5 FM in Cleveland but the job was short lived as Howard Stern took over morning drive but he made enough of an impact for me to give him a call.    Triv got the opportunity to audition at night and was hired to host evenings. 

Local writer Rod Ice says “Trivisonno is loud and uncooperative.  His rants are the stuff of legend.  But everyone in Cleveland knows that he is an unrepentant foot solider for the everyman”.

His ratings success is second to none in Cleveland radio history.  Triv has now had thirty-three  #1 ratings periods Persons 25-54!   He has also been #1 Persons 25-54 and Men 25-54 three consecutive quarters since the rollout of PPM measurement in the Fall of 2009.

Fall ’09                              Winter ’10                       Spring ‘10
P25-54    9.3                      P25-54    10.1                 P25-54      8.6
M 25-54  13.5                     M25-54   13.6                 M25-54     11.4

Triv lost his wife and childhood sweetheart Linda to cancer in July 2009.   He helped raise more than $250,000 over the years for WTAM’s “Coats For Kids” charity with “Triv Vegas Shows”.  With Linda’s passing, Triv made it his mission to set up an endowment fund under her name for the Ireland Center at University Hospitals.  This year his “Triv Vegas Show” raised more than $200,000 alone for the cancer fund.”


Susan Wise, WLYF-FM, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (Lincoln Financial Group)

From Rob Sidney, Director/Programming & Operations:
“For nearly 13 years, Susan Wise has been a top-rated mainstay of Miami morning radio at 101.5 LITE FM — breaking barriers as one of the market’s first female morning-drive hosts.  With her upbeat conversational style, Susan makes rush hour better for her listeners … and strikes a blow for victory in the ‘battle of the sexes’.  Joined by her co-host (and good-natured foil), Jeff Martin, each morning becomes a spirited take on relationships, careers and life in South Florida.
A native of Springfield, Mo. (where she proudly admits to attending Kickapoo H.S. with Brad Pitt — who, she insists, never once asked her for a date), Susan came to LITE FM following a successful stint on Westwood One’s Bright AC satellite format, as well as afternoons at KLTH Kansas City and nights at KKBQ Houston. 
Susan’s been recognized for her leadership — receiving a South Florida Businesswoman Award, nominated for multiple Miami AIR Awards as ‘Best Morning Talent’, and honored as a finalist for the Association of Women in Communications’ ‘Woman of the Year’ Award.  Tapped into her community, Susan has been Honorary Chair for the Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer, and has assumed leading roles with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, PACE Center for Girls and the Humane Society of Greater Miami.”

Doug Wright, KSL-A/FM, Salt Lake City (KSL Broadcast Company Radio Group)

From Steve Poulsen, VP/Marketing and Promotion:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Doug Wright since 1985 here at KSL.  Doug is an amazing broadcaster, fun personality, and stimulating talk show host, but more importantly Doug is a genuinely remarkable individual.  He is loved and adored by his listeners and clients. Although he and his listeners may disagree on a subject – they can civilly agree-to-disagree.  When Doug is on the air it is appointment radio; listeners will make time in their busy day for his show. 

Doug gives of his time to many charities, but none are closer to his heart than the children at Primary Children’s Medical Center; he will lead the team of on-air talent at the annual Radiothon and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the children.  Doug is very down to earth and knows and feels the heartbeat of our community.  Congratulations Doug on your 2010 NAB Marconi Radio Award nomination for Large Market Personality of the Year.”

From PD Kevin LaRue:
“Doug spends more time public service in a week than most radio hosts do in a month.  He is constantly speaking to local groups, making appearances with our troops at Hill Air Force Base, and volunteering for organizations including a Salt Lake City health clinic for the poor… Primary Children’s Medical Center.  He is the acknowledged “rainmaker” for KSL’s annual radiothon, which raises money for charity health care for children.  And he never misses the opportunity to serve in official state and community dialogue over ethics reform or immigration.

Additionally, he has been able to translate this community involvement into a compelling radio show that is routinely ranked #1.  After 32 years at KSL, Doug made the leap into PPM and is just as successful, if not more, under electronic measurement.  He prepared diligently, refined his game, and continues to lead the pack in a market with more than 50 competitors.  He is a friend to our sales department, and friend to most every member of the KSL staff, and a constant example of what can be accomplished with skill and a lot of hard work.”

From Tami Ostmark, Director of Marketing and Promotions:
“Doug is one-of-a-kind and we are proud that he has been a member of the KSL NewsRadio family for 3 decades. His long-standing commitment to both KSL NewsRadio and the community, in which we serve, is remarkable to say the least. He is truly one of the great broadcasters.”

Drew and Mike in the Morning, WRIF-FM, Detroit (Greater Media)

Medium Market Personality of the Year


Brian Gary and Todd Harding, “The Good Morning Guys,” KUAD-FM, Windsor, CO (Townsquare Media)

From PD Mark Callaghan: 
“Brian Gary and Todd Harding are the Good Morning Guys on the Colorado Broadcasters Association Radio Station of the Year, KUAD. Brian and Todd have won 3 consecutive Colorado Broadcasters Awards for Best Morning Show and this year were also named Best Station Entertainment Personalities. Brian and Todd were finalists for the Medium Market Marconi Award Personality of the Year in 2009.   Their morning show has been rated #1 or #2 by Arbitron in every book for the past 2 decades and currently are #1. KUAD was honored with the NAB Crystal Radio Award in 2009 for outstanding community service, which included Brian and Todd’s Annual 28 Hours of Hope! This year, the 12th annual event raised over $50,000 for 3 local charities that fight child abuse in Northern Colorado.  Brian and Todd are champions for children’s causes hosting over 30 events last year in their community.”

Scott Innes, WYNK-FM, Baton Rouge (Clear Channel)

From Dick Lewis, President / Market Manager CC Radio/New Orleans & Baton Rouge:
“I’ve spent the last 13 years watching Scott make magic happen on WYNK Radio here in Baton Rouge.  Let me give you a few examples.  Immediately following the Haiti earthquake, while everyone was talking about what might or should be done, Scott went into action.  He single handedly launched “Scott’s Hugs for Haiti Relief.”  His efforts raised over $100,000.  People are still wondering how in the world Scott Innes was able to get the Superbowl bound New Orleans Saints to take time out to come to a picture signing event where over 3,000 people got autographs and made donations.  As you might imagine, many local organizations went to work at getting supplies donated to the Haiti relief effort.  In Baton Rouge, about dozen organizations accumulated something over 10,000 pound of clothing, blankets, diapers, hygiene items etc only to discover they had no way of getting those items to Haiti.  Again, Scott came to the rescue.  He contacted Congressman Bill Cassidy and together they arranged for a military air lift transport to take the much need supplies to Haiti.

‘Hug them babies’ has been more than just a slogan for Scott.  When Scott learned that a local baseball park could not get the funding to finish building a field for handicapped and disabled children, he went to work.  He organized the “All-Star Concert for Handicapped Children.” Country Music stars including Ritchie McDonald, John Conlee, the reunion of Restless Heart came to Baton Rouge for the concert.   Scott used his community connections to get Paul Mainairi, head coach of the L-S-U Tiger baseball team so serve as co-host of the event.  The effort raised over $150,000 to finish building the handicapped baseball park where kids play today.

Scott’s number one priority has always been helping his community and the people in it!  His approach is always positive and ‘can do’. To Scott, radio is more than a broadcast station or a business.  It is a tool to bring about positive changes in a community.

Scott says he enjoys being the voice of some of Americas favorite cartoon characters…like Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred Flintstone, Popeye, but he says his favorite role is being the voice of the less fortunate in South Louisiana and round the world,

Now you know why I said at the beginning, Scott Innes is a Marconi at its best.

I’m just proud to know him!”

Mornings with Tony Lynn & Myles, KBQI-FM, Albuquerque (Clear Channel)

From Tony Manero, Operations Manager:
“It’s not often that you find air personalities that have endeared themselves to an audience for so long in one market. Tony Lynn and Myles are not only a great duo on the air, they are a tremendous asset behind the scenes as well. Two guys that honestly work for one common goal….serving the listener. Whether with solid features, and relatable breaks…or with community engagement that seems to grow every single year, Tony and Myles are genuinely two of the most likable people you’ll ever meet.”


Kelly Mac, WJMZ-FM, Greenville (Cox Radio)

From Steve Sinicropi, Vice President & General Manager:
“Mac hosts the top-rated Greenville Midday Show [M-F, 10am to 3pm, 4 Book avg.] on WJMZ-FM.  Kelly’s live, local, humorous, informative, and uplifting show ranks first while competing with nationally syndicated talent.  Kelly serves as the spokesperson for many advertisers, and is Assistant Program Director and Music Director for 107-3 JAMZ, the top rated station in largest market in South Carolina.  With a strong belief that education is empowerment, she touches on issues from the importance of knowing your HIV status to one-on-one high profile interviews with performers and politicians, including Presidents Clinton and Obama.  A regular speaker at schools and churches, she addresses the importance of staying in school, choosing a career path and keeping a positive mindset.  Kelly Mac earned Personality and Radio Show of the Year in 2009 from the South Carolina Broadcasters Association and Medium Market Urban Personality of the Year in 2008 by Radio & Records. BTW, 107-3 JAMZ is nominated for South Carolina Station of the year by the SCBA and the winner will be named 8-14.”

Brent Johnson, WTCB-FM, Columbia, SC (Citadel)  

Small Market Personality of the Year


Cathy Blythe, KFOR-AM, Lincoln, NE (Three Eagles Media)

From PD Mark Taylor:
“Cathy Blythe has been a broadcast fixture in Lincoln for more than three decades. She started as the receptionist in 1972, and 10 years later joined the KFOR Morning Show. She’s been co-hosting the KFOR Morning Show for more than 27 years now. She started her own show, “Problems and Solutions,” in 1991. The show centers on solving problems, from cleaning dilemmas to prescription questions. She mixes in national authors and celebrities.

Cathy really makes an impression on listeners- perhaps because of the thousands of thank you notes hand written to them over the years. Everyone “knows” Cathy, and she (more often than not) will know a winners address as soon as she hears their name on the phone. She is a part of the family for many of our listeners, and has watched their children grow up and have children of their own. This kind of long term devotion to KFOR and its listeners makes Cathy Blythe the embodiment of the NAB Marconi Award.”


Leo Greco, WMT-AM, Cedar Rapids, IA (Clear Channel)

From Randy Lee, Program Director:
“Leo Greco has a connection to WMT radio that goes all the way back to 1939 when he was a member of various bands that performed on live, weekly music programs.  In 1948 Leo formed his own band which was featured every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on WMT radio. Leo’s group also toured  throughout a ten state area of the Midwest  until 1969 when they disbanded. In 1971, Leo joined the sales team at WMT –AM and in 1973 he added another duty, on air host of “Variety Time”, a program that features songs requested by listeners for various events such as anniversaries and birthdays. “Variety Time” is still going strong 37 years later, airing every Sunday from 7:30a-2pm.

Leo connects with WMT listeners and communities in so many ways. He tirelessly donates his time to several non profit agencies across Eastern Iowa. Twice a year Leo broadcasts his show live from fundraiser breakfasts at Camp Courageous, a recreational facility for individuals with disabilities.  Two to three thousand people consistently attend each breakfast event. Leo solicits millions of pop can tabs from his  listeners to pass along to the Shriners’ Hospital for Children to redeem for money. As a veteran of World War II, Leo is a strong supporter of all veterans, as well as those currently serving in the military. In the past year he joined  local veterans on an Honor Flight to the World War II memorial to Washington D.C.  Leo also fills his program with announcements for church suppers and other community fundraisers.  To a gentleman who has given so much, to so many, we at WMT-AM feel the nomination for a Marconi Radio Award is a prefect way to honor Leo’s accomplishments.”


Todd Haugen and Mardy Karger, KBHP-FM, Bemidji, MN (Paul Bunyan Broadcasting)

From GM Mary Campbell:
“Todd and Mardy teamed up in 1985 on KBHP-FM’s Morning Show and have been entertaining and informing their listeners ever since.  Their quick wit and strikingly different personalities draw listeners from across five counties.  Three “traffic reporters” calling in from their helicopter flown by “Flint Westwood” come to life each morning from Todd’s imagination to antagonize Mardy and amuse listeners. 

KBHP’s 100,000 watt country music station blankets a 70 miles radius in Northern Minnesota and has been #1 in their five county area 19 of the last 21 years.  Todd and Mardy’s morning show is consistently the most-listened to in the area and is one of the reasons KBHP in the latest Arbitron is leading 28 competitors with a 27.1 share (42.1 cume in its home county).   

Mardy has also been KBHP’s award-wining News Director for 38 years.  He adeptly slides from delivering the news to Todd’s side-kick with precision and balance, working together so smoothly it’s hard to believe they are in different control rooms.   Mardy knows every public official from miles around and is the first to be contacted with breaking news stories. 

Both broadcasters have become “institutions” in the community, serving it well.  In the name of charity they have been auctioned off, dressed as elves and other characters, served as celebrity waiters and have ridden elephants and donkeys.  Mardy has received awards from the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and the Minnesota News Network.  Mardy has been a volunteer on numerous organizations and has served on the City of Bemidji Police Civil Service Commission.  In addition, he was the guardian of a disabled elderly person for many years.    Both he and Todd have been honored as Outstanding Alumni of Bemidji State University.  Todd has been active in many community organizations including the local theatre and chorale and was a Kinship North mentor for several years to a young boy.   

Todd and Mardy are one of the reasons for the success of station-sponsored charity events like the Annual 24 Hour Radiothon to End Child Abuse that raised $54,393 in 2009.  KBHP has been awarded five NAB Crystal Awards, only the second station in the country to achieve this.

Todd and Mardy are local broadcasters at their best.  Still going strong after entertaining and informing their listeners for 25 years, enjoying what they do and the community they serve.  They are truly deserving of the Marconi Award for ‘Small Market Personality of the Year’.” 


Cyril [Bub] McCullough, WMCI-FM, Mattoon-Charleston, IL (Cromwell Radio)

From Bud Walters, President, Cromwell Group:
“Bub McCullough is the morning personality that every community deserves. He is from the area.  He is involved in virtually everything and he has been doing it for 21 years.  When WMCI-FM signed on as a new Country station in August 1989, Bub started afternoons and soon moved to mornings.  Since then WMCI staff and Bub have raised support for virtually every event in the area.  From Bagelfest to St. Judes, to helping children at holidays, WMCI and Bub are involved and supporting.  In a time when many think local radio is ‘not as local,’ Bub and WMCI prove that not to be true. Bub McCullough is a true embodiment of what the Marconi Award is all about.”

Will Payne and Barry Diamond, KITX-FM, Hugo, OK (K95.5, Inc.)

Spanish Personality of the Year


Omar Ramos, WPPN-FM, Chicago (Univision Radio)

From PD Cesar Canales:
“Omar Ramos has showed the windy city that his fast, energetic and full of positive attitude broadcast style can get him a solid place among the most talented announcers in Chicago.  Omar can crossover from format to format with no apparent effort, from Regional Mexican to Latin Pop to Urban formats as well as to the Sports Talk format where he acts as the official play by play announcer for Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls’. Omar’s ability to relate to all kinds of sports and music enthusiasts makes him the most influential Latino announcer among the bilingual Hispanics in Chicago. WPPN-FM’s Omar Ramos humble and well intention attitude has positioned him also as not only the source for showbiz news and Spanish Pop novelties but as a good roll model for the Spanish speaking young adults in the city.”

Rafael Orlando, WYUS-AM, Milford, DE (DBC Media)

From GM Mike Kazala:
“Rafael Orlando is not a flashy self-promoter.  He’s the direct opposite.  And that’s why he deserves the honor of being named this year’s Marconi Award winner.  He is consistent in working hard to know who his listeners are, he understands the many different nationalities served by the station and what their unique needs are. He entertains, he informs, he serves as a lifeline between community organizations and the Hispanic audience he serves.  And he is consistent in communicating with them. 

This dedication to serving his listeners has made him an iconic fixture in the Spanish community here in Delaware.  Rafael, through his tireless efforts to make a better life for his listeners, has become a well-known and trusted voice in and on behalf of the Hispanic Community.”


Claudia Torrescano, KFLC-AM, Dallas (Univision Radio)

From GM Frank Carter:
“Claudia Torrescano, an on-air personality heard on Univision Radio’s KFLC AM Dallas, sets the standard for what an exceptional radio personality should be. 

As host of KFLC AM’s “Buenos Dias Dallas/Fort Worth” (Good Morning Dallas/Fort Worth), Claudia presents engaging, entertaining and educational topics that directly impact the Hispanic community including immigration, education, spirituality, and social issues. 

Claudia also has launched the weekly ‘Es el Momento’ (The Moment is Now) segment featuring information about college admissions, scholarships, testing, and financial aid for students and families striving for higher education. 

Additionally, she is involved with a myriad of social and civic organizations, and works closely with their leaders to make Univision Radio’s KFLC airwaves accessible to all.  Under Claudia’s guidance, KFLC AM actively sponsors “Viva Dallas” and “The Mayor’s Back to School Fair,” and organizes forums for women and educational panels featuring experts in immigration law.

Claudia Torrescano’s tireless work to inform and improve the community she serves makes her worthy of Marconi’s 2010 Spanish Personality of the Year.”

Rosie del Valle, WNWZ-AM, Grand Rapids, MI (Townsquare Media)

Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, KSCA-FM, Los Angeles (Univision Radio)

–Carl Marcucci