Star Entertainment’s Tranzistor to add advertising model


Star Entertainment Group’s subsidiary Tranzistor Systems announced plans to add an ad model to its internet radio service, delivered via Android and Apple apps. The offering lets indie bands get onto the service. It will be a “Unique marketing experience that encapsulates their clients branding and selling propositions and then delivers them on a platform of programmed content tailored to genre and demographic mix.”

“Our unique platform and pay for content creates an ecosystem for artists, bands and indie labels. Tranzistor Radio combines programmed radio, ecommerce and branding opportunities on mobile and web based platforms to offer the most exposure of any digital broadcast and distribution company on the market,” said Josh Eikov, President of Tranzistor Systems and CEO of Star Entertainment Group. Tranzistor Systems asks any artist, band or label to submit their music through [email protected]. If they are to be chosen for air play they will be notified by the company.

Tranzistor Systems anticipates the launch of the added model and its sister application Virtual Radio during the summer. Virtual Radio already has a download base of 5,000,000 applications and recently released its iPhone app.