Ad Fontes Media Brings A Bias Meter To Scripps News


Ad Fontes Media, a tech company that rates the news for bias and reliability, will audit Scripps News’ national news as part of the network’s commitment to “transparency
and nonpartisan journalism.”



The agreement, announced Monday, comes at a time when, according to The E.W. Scripps Co., “advertisers struggle to filter through a deluge of low-quality journalism that can pose brand safety risks.”

Speaking of the arrangement, Scripps President of News Kate O’Brian played up her viewpoint that Scripps News’ “unbiased, fact-based journalism is what sets it apart from misinformation, AI-manipulated content, and clickbait that has flooded the information ecosystem.”

Ad Fontes Media founder and CEO Vanessa Otero commented, “Our ratings show that Scripps News is producing high-quality journalism, and this new enhanced audit
agreement will give advertisers and the public an independent, third-party confirmation of that and with it an even more compelling reason to trust their products. “Advertisers tell us they need more precise information at the content level to identify quality news from the toxic content that is polluting the internet.”

Scripps News scores in the middle—in terms of bias—on Ad Fontes’ Media Bias Chart.

It is also rated high for reliability, in the “Reliable Fact Reporting and Analysis” category.

The partnership comes just days after Scripps News launched a “Disinformation Desk,” with a team dedicated to exposing sources of disinformation and examining how it spreads.

Ad Fontes uses human analysts paired with AI technology to rate over 10,000 news and informational websites, TV shows, YouTube channels, and podcasts on bias and reliability, plus over 100,000 articles each day in near real time. 

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