Salt Lake City AM adds an FM cousin


KXOL-AM Brigham City serves the northern suburbs of Salt Lake City, and now it will have a connection to a Simmons Media Group FM that reaches into the market from Wyoming, to the east. The common thread will be Nicolas Vicente, who will have an interest in both the AM and KNIV-FM Lyman WY.

Although the station is licensed to a Wyoming community, its tower is actually located within the state of Utah. The Class C signal has 89 kW @ 2,123’, and it manages to throw a signal over the urbanized area, making it as far as the I-15 corridor ranging from Ogden to the north and Provo to the south. It also benefits from boosters in Ogden, Provo, Bountiful and Salt Lake City itself.

The license company buying the station is Mav Media LLC. A number of people will have an interest in the station, which is being managed by Scot Mathews under an LMA that kicked in 7/7/21.

KXOL is licensed to Inca Communications. It’s on the expanded AM band at 1660 kHz, and like most stations situated in the northern extremities of AM, it has 10 kW-D and 1 kW-N on a non-directional antenna.

The price for KNIV will be $3M, with $125K put in escrow and the balance payable in cash at closing. There are a few additional provisions. The buyer will get an unspecified discount if it opts not to simulcast the Sports programming of KZNS-AM. According to reports, KNIV, which until recently carried calls KZNS-FM, has flipped to Regional Mexican, the same format used by KXOL. Additionally, the buyer may be entitled to a modest $7.5K discount if the seller is unable to dispose of six items on the equipment/furnishing inventory list.

But wait, there’s even more. They buyer has a second associated deal for equipment and furnishings – it’s getting items used in the operation of the station from SLC Divestiture Trust under W. Lawrence Patrick. The value of that secondary deal is $82,290.

KNIV came into Simmons’ possession in a multi-station 2007 bankruptcy proceeding involving 3 Point Media, under Bruce Buzil and Christopher Devine. It was using calls KYLZ at the time. 3 Point purchased back in 2001 from Morgan Skinner for $1.725M – back in those days the calls were KNFL and it was licensed to Tremonton UT.