Ron Paul goes on air in Iowa and New Hampshire (video)


Retiring US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is exiting Congress to take one more shot at the White House, and is taking to the airwaves in early contest states Iowa and New Hampshire with a 60-second ad that takes on Democrats and his own party’s Washington leadership. The cost of the buy is reported to at the six-figure level.

The ad will fit right in with the standard commercial load seen on many television stations during the Hollywood summer blockbuster season. It is a perfect imitation of a movie trailer.

Paul recently announced that he will not be running for re-election in his Texas congressional district. He is in some ways to the Republican Party in Washington what Bernie Sanders is to the Democrats. Sanders calls himself a socialist, and is to the left of the majority of Democrats in Washington. Paul is a libertarian, and is – well, different than the majority of Republicans in Washington. His views have him in agreement with the Democrats on some issues, particularly when individual choice and conservative social values clash – but in matters of fiscal policy, he is very much against taxes and debt.

That is the theme of his current ad flight. It is a call for Republicans in Washington to resist any deals on the debt ceiling.

You can view the ad right here.