Rick Dees taps Ronning Lipset Radio for online


Rick Dees announced that Rick.com has retained Ronning Lipset Radio as its exclusive online ad rep.  Ronning Lipset Radio takes the reins for selling not only the audio and video ads that are inserted into Rick.com’s internet broadcast streams which include the three streaming versions of the Rick Dees Weekly  Top 40, but also the visual inventory found on the Rick.com website.

Dees joins the family of the nation’s largest online broadcasters that include AOL Radio, Yahoo’s LAUNCHcast and Live 365.

"Rick Dees embodies the transition from traditional media to online media. He brings name brand recognition, comfort and professionalism to the listeners and the advertisers in a way that is reassuring to both," said Eric Ronning, co-managing partner at Ronning Lipset Radio.  "Rick.com not only offers unique programming and content, but leverages the powerful brand name of one of radio’s most well-respected figures.  We are proud to add Rick.com to our strong network of affiliates, and we look forward to bringing these new visual and audio advertising opportunities to the ad community."