Request for radio station stickers


Cliff Shank, President & GM of Ad Astra per Aspera Broadcasting in Hutchinson, KS has an unusual request for our readers: “On September 2, 2011 the offices and studios of Ad Astra per Aspera Broadcasting, Inc. were destroyed by a fire. I have been collecting window stickers my entire radio career.  Over the past 38 years I had collected over 3,000 window stickers. Most of the stickers were radio station stickers, some were political, some were from tourist attractions like Wall Drug and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The walls of our conference room were covered with stickers, as were the sliding glass doors to my office. I had even started putting stickers up in the entry way to the radio station.  The entire collection of window stickers was lost in the fire.

Being a radio nut, it was the only thing I have ever collected in my life. Could you ask your readers to help rebuild my window sticker collection. I would really appreciate any publicity you can give me, to help rebuild my collection of window stickers.


P.S.   All four radio stations were back on the air in less than four weeks before the end of September.  Business has bounced back quickly, we exceeded last years sales figures for November, December and January have had nice increases over last year. We have moved into our new building and working on remodeling our studios.”

–Cliff C. Shank
President & General Manager
Ad Astra per Aspera Broadcasting, Inc.
Office (620) 665-5758 or (800) 662-5758
Cell (620) 960-2804
[email protected]