RBR+TVBR To Co-Present Annual Forecast Conference


Radio + Television Business Report is pleased to announce that it will be co-presenting this year’s annual Forecast conference with Radio Ink.

Both publications are owned by Streamline Publishing.

In making the announcement, EVP/Publisher Deborah Parenti explained the reasons that prompted enhancing this year’s agenda.

“The unique challenges faced over the past year have demonstrated the importance of both radio and television broadcasters to local communities as well as the leadership they have provided in leading many of the national conversations that have taken center stage during this time,” Parenti said. “As legacy media, both also share commonality in areas of advertising revenue, investment capital, and a constantly changing competitive landscape filled with digital players and streaming services. The pending Supreme Court decision on cross ownership and other critical regulatory issues are also focuses of shared interest. As such, we believe the time is ripe to examine those mutual concerns and explore how broadcasting’s combined assets can encourage and enhance industry growth over the coming years.”

Forecast 2022 will be presented on November 16, 2021 at the Harvard Club in New York City.

This will be the 19th year for the annual event that gathers the smartest minds in broadcast and advertising to forecast trends, expectations, and revenues for the coming year. The prestigious conference is capped by the traditional executive cocktail reception in Harvard Hall, this year honoring the Top 40 radio and the Top 15 broadcast television leaders.