Randi Rhodes ending her Premiere show


Randi RhodesSyndicated talker Randi Rhodes is calling it quits, announcing she’ll end her show on 5/16. The progressive talker airs on 35 affiliates. Here’s a statement from Premiere Networks: “[We] can confirm Randi Rhodes has decided to end her national radio program.  We’ve had a successful partnership with Randi for several years, and we wish her all the best for the future.  Premiere Networks will conclude syndication and production of Randi Rhodes on May 16, 2014.”

Back in November, Premiere did a turnaround for the Liberal talker after confirming 11/12/13  it would be dropping Rhodes’ radio show. Premiere said it continue to produce and distribute her show in 2014, a staffer at the company wrote in an email to affiliates:  “In a happy turn of events, we are pleased to announce that Premiere Networks will continue to produce and distribute The Randi Rhodes Show,” Peter Tripi, Premiere’s SVP of affiliate relations wrote in a memo to affiliates obtained by Politico. “In an industry of constant change, it’s a pleasure to provide good news about a talk talent we think so highly of. We apologize for any inconvenience the previous announcement caused, but look forward to a very successful 2014 with The Randi Rhodes Show.”


  1. What are they thinking? She is one of the most listened to voices in America today. I listen everyday and won’t know what to do if she is off the air.

    • No she wasn’t, her ratings are low -Check RADIO ONLINE RATINGS- Nelson Ratings- every station she’s on has miserable ratings.
      Liberals know she’s a fraud. MarK Green wanted her out at Air America because she demanded a car & driver in her contract and she was not worth her $million year contract. She also demanded Sheldon Drobney pay her libel insurance when she worked for NOVA M RADIO she was making $600,000 a year they had to declare bankruptcy becaue of greedy frauds like Randi Rhodes and Sheldon Drobney tried to commit suicide. It’s all about the money with Randi Rhodes don’t let her fool you.She’s a patalogical liar.For years she lied to us about her Air Force she told us she was voted Most Outstanding Woman in the Air Force, that she was an aircraft mechanic & served 6 years. Fact is she lied she went AWOL after less than 2 years, she was never voted Most Outstanding Woman and she was never a mechanic.Remember when she fell down drunk outside a NY City bar than lied to everyone she was beaten up & mugged. Why would anyone listen to Randi Rhodes all she does is repeat what the hosts of MSNBC, Wash. Post NY times and other news sources reports and opinions.

      • Whatever you may claim, Randi is anything but a fraud. She is one of the few real voices out there.

        • Google the article “My life as co host with shock jock Perry Stone”
          Randi used to always say on the air she quit that job with Perry Stone because she has integrity and she’s a lady. Not only did she lie she backstabbed Susan Austin and had an affair w/ Perry Stone to get Austin’s job. There are audio clips of her cackling to Perry Stone’s homo jokes, they were both fired after 1 month, Rhodes didn’t quit.

      • This m turner is a republican that is afraid of honesty n truth, all of randi’s comments can b Fact Checked.
        This M turner is creepy n every reason why Miss Rhodes should stay. Fighting these crazy nut jobs is why we need
        To stay strong. Too bad Randi grew so dam tried of these republican Trolls…

        • No, your the one who’s afraid of the truth, BTW- I voted for Pres. Obama. Rachael Maddow was on Air America radio and she’s never invited Randi on her show. People who worked with Rhodes know that everything Mike Turner said is the truth.

          • “Some people say”… “that other people said…” Blah blah..

            In the past couple of weeks, Rhodes has been on fire. She’s done her best radio ever. Maybe it’s because she’s known that she’s ending her radio gig and she’s letting loose.

            I’ve been listening to Rhodes since 2004. I never heard her say that she was an airplane mechanic in the Air Force.

            If she went AWOL, then let’s have sources, eh? Throwing words out means nothing.

            If Rhodes did stuff that sounds, oh, less than noble, then what do you know? She’s human. If she’s being truthfully called to task, then it’s fair to do so. She, like the rest of us, should be accountable for her behavior.

            If any of her detractors want to bring up stuff that she did or might have done, then cite your sources or qualify what you say by adding that you’re repeating rumor.

            As for Rhodes telling the truth on the air, she is meticulous in citing her sources when it comes to politics.

            No one has to make up or repeat untruths to find a reason not to listen. Just don’t listen!

            Rhodes is first an entertainer. She’s also an educator and a satirist. When she makes a political assertion, she can back it up with facts. That’s really all I care about, and that’s more than what over 90% of radio talkers can do.

            Too bad she’s leaving radio. It was a great trip.

      • Turner Smears Rhodes in a tone which sounds hostile and trolloid. Gonna hafta do some fact checking, Her sources are excellent, and I have not found anything she said to be wrong. She is smart and diligent, and I will miss her.

        • Google-“Randi Rhodes drunk” & “Randi Rhodes went AWOL”
          Checked Rhodes affiliates ratings most barely have a 1 share. The station where she broadcast from- WBZT in West Palm Beach, Fl is 0.3- that’s pathetic.
          Rhodes lost alot of fans when Rhodes lied and blamed Hillary Clinton & Geraldine Ferraro for having her fired from Air America. Fact is her boss Mark Green wanted her out because she did demand a car & driver in her contract and she convinced his brother Stephen Green to give her a $1 million a year salary. She wasn’t worth it and Mark Green was fed up with her. Rhodes quit Air America just like she quit NOVA M because Sheldon Drobney could not afford to pay her libel insurance on her $600,000 a year salary. Remember when Rhodes lied and said the reason why she was off the air because of Technical problems NO she lied -she just wanted more money from the Drobneys. Hopefull Premiere Radio will replace her with Nicole Sandler.

      • I don’t know about the rest of what you claim, but when she fell down in New York she never claimed that she was attacked. There was massive speculation about what happened as there was a vacuum of information when it was first reported that she was injured and in the hospital. The first comments she made clarified what happened; she said that she fell down and there was no attack.

        • Randi Rhodes told her boss Mark Green she was beaten up & mugged. According to witnesses at the bar “Rhodes was being drunk & beligerant to the bar staff.” Rhodes lied to her boss then another talk show host at Air America who believed the lie Randi told -snowballed that rumor -Randi Rhodes started.
          When Rhodes returned to work Mark Green made her tell the truth on the air, otherwise Rhodes never would have told the truth. She loved the attention she received from the rumor she started.
          You have no idea what a patological liar Randi Rhodes really is- she’s quitting Premiere Radio because they refused to give more money to greedy Randi Rhodes.

          • clearly you dont listen to rhodes? cuz on the air she caught a heal on a grate if you listened u would know shes not a drunk whats your medication debbie?

    • No, she isn’t. Let me give you her whole show in 2 sentences: Liberals good, Democrats good. Conservatives bad, Republicans bad. Totally un-listenable. Glad she’s gone. Already looking forward to her replacement.

      • I bet she’s unlistenable to if you’re a republican. The truth hurts. Probably makes you think about things about your party that affect you personally. I DOUBT you make enough money to have any of the crap your party churns out benifit you. Like I said. The truth hurts. Go bury your head.

      • Obviously you either haven’t listened to her or are unable to comprehend complex or critical thinking. Too, bad you missed out on one of the truly brilliant political and social intellects of our time.

    • Listen to Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Alan Colmbs, Thom Hartman they are all in the Talkers top 10 rated radio talk shows. They have much better ratings than Randi Rhodes because they actually have guests on their shows. Randi Rhodes repetitive rants all day every day was insufferable, she only wanted to hear herself talk, when she should have had on people who knew what they were talking about. I stopped listening to her when she ranted on for the entire show-last Nov/2013-Pres.L. B. Johnson was behind JFK’s assassination.

    • @Mike Stanfill;

      “She’s not being fired, she’s moving on to better things. Go get ‘em, Randi!”

      Oh yeah; she’s moving on to better things just like a duck improves its lot by making a lateral move to L’orange!

      The Gotch

  2. Randi is quitting too soon. The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party need her political guidance, wit, and commentary during the midterm elections 2014. What is she thinking?

  3. Gonna miss her, been listening for years and there is no one else like her. Good luck Randi.

  4. I am so depressed, she made my day, everyday! Sorry Nicole, Stephanie, etc. I wish she would at least keep the Podcast!

    There is nobody else like her left

  5. Miss you Randi!!! I know this probably isn’t your decision. I’m getting rid of my I Heart Radio app on my phone for sure!!! I don’t think a whole lot of Clear Channel as you might tell.

  6. its apparent Clear Channel broadcasting is not a clear channel for anyone that has a Liberal point of view!

    • No kidding, Mike! Look at who owns and runs CC – the Mays Brothers. They’re way deep in Texas Republican politics…

  7. It is really depressing to hear that Randi is giving up her talk show spot on AM 910 radio in San Francisco. Once Clear Channel removed Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller from their line-up, it was very encouraging that they retained Randi. But that sure didn’t last long! I echo other listerners’ comments that there is no one like her out there clarifying the politics of our nation. I only hope Randi will branch out in some other way on the media so we will be able to hear from her again. I wish her the best and thank her for all she is doing to set the political record of our country straight.

    • Whoa. YOu are way too easily placated – the trouble with Americans. That was “encouraging”???? Are you nuts? They throw you a bone and you are happy. You may have enjoyed being a slave, too. They would let you listen to Stephen Foster at the midnight enforced dances.

  8. It’s unfortunate that another liberal voice is being silenced. I used to listen to her everyday via the radio and tunein radio app….I have satellite radio so I’m able to listen to Ed but this is crazy how we are losing radio hosts that speak for us because the conservative right is buying up every thing:( I sure hate to see her go.

  9. We are literally 1 election (some would say 2) away from outright Oligarchy in this country…..Hello Russia, USA !!

    Randi’ s Voice n Talent are of inestimable value because she gives a unique blend of irrefutable empirical facts; with incandescent wit, humor and punch …..,truly one of a kind !!

    Not sure we will ever get the backstory……but damn we need that Umph during the elections…our country hangs in the balance!!!

    • During the last few weeks, it’s been pretty apparent that Randi was totally fed up.. Day in, day out, submerging herself in this goat-rope of a democracy, trying to wake people up…hopefully we haven’t heard the last of her. But godspeed to Randi and Howard. I hope they flourish in retirement. Randi sure has earned a break.

      • Randi wanted more money from Premiere Radio even though her ratings were crappy. The man whom Glen Beck accused of being involved with the Boston bombers is suing Premiere Radio and becaused Randi Rhodes has defamed so many people on her show, Premiere just doesn’t want to take any chances with her anymore. Randi was “fed up” because she couldn’t get Premiere to give her more money.
        Low income & young voters DO NOT USE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE. The low income & young voters just will not show up for mid-term elections. SAD BUT TRUE! They showed up to vote in 2008- some actually voting for the first times in their lives -because Pres. Obama was on the ticket.

  10. I will miss her greatly. She had the ability to take apart the right-wing lies and expose their evil agenda.

  11. Let me give you her whole show in 2 sentences: Liberals good, Democrats good. Conservatives bad, Republicans bad. Totally un-listenable. Glad she’s gone. Already looking forward to her replacement.

    • Well, at least her new show will be truthful too! [Liberals good, Democrats good. Conservatives bad, Republicans bad. and if ol’ Rush is ‘worth’ 40 million, Randi’s worth 4 Billion, easy.

  12. I know exactly why they are doing this. She’s a strong voice against what they’re doing. She is truth. There’s no room for truth in their future.

  13. I’ve met Randi. I’ve followed her since her early show on WJNO in the 90’s after Jack Cole. She is a brilliant, talented woman who is passionate about the truth. Don’t bash someone you don’t know, please. She is one of the FEW people out there with integrity. Randi always strives to do the right thing. And the info about her diva-like behavior and disgracing the USAF is categorically incorrect. Check your facts. God bless you, Randi. I hope to see (hear) you again soon!

    • Bing or Google “Randi Rhodes Goddess of Gab” stated in that article she went AWOL after serving 2 years. Don’t care if she went AWOL,But why did she always lie and scream on the air, on Larry King and say she was an Air Force Veteran who served 6 years. She lied to us and told some outlandish story about having a special dinner held in her honor because she was voted Most Outstanding Woman in the Air Force. She received a small plaque for “Outsatnding In Maintenance”(BTW she never worked on an airplane engine because she never was a mechanic, she was maintenance-she changed lightbulbs) But Drama Queen Randi turned that small award into MOST OUTSTANDING WOMAN in the entire Air Force.Her affiliates all had her lies she provided them on their web sites but when Rhodes knew people were on to her lies they were removed, because Rhodes contacted them, and had to fess up to the truth. Randi Rhodes is jealous of Rachel Maddows success and the fact Madddw makes $7 million a year. Diva Rhodes actually believes Rachel Maddow should ask Queen Randi for forgivness-all Randi does is repeat everything Rachel says. Listen to her show Monday 4/21. Also Rhodes never did graduated High School.

      • Eh…. that article, not well sourced as it is, was written nearly 30 years ago. Rhodes was in her mid-20s. But you still want to go after her, eh?

        As for Maddow, both have shared story lines over the years. Maddow makes big bucks because she deserves it. Rhodes’ personality doesn’t really fit with big time television.

        This, from Wikipedia:

        Military experience[edit]
        Rhodes enlisted in the United States Air Force and worked stateside at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey as an aircraft mechanic, achieving the rank of Airman First Class. She served two years in the Air Force and one year in the reserves. Rhodes went through basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. From there she went to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas and was being trained as a flight engineer. First she became an aircraft mechanic. After she transferred to what would be her permanent station in New Jersey she decided to leave the active-duty Air Force through the Palace Chase program and was honorably discharged after three years service (two active duty and one reserve) at the age of 21.[7] In the 1980 presidential election, Rhodes voted for Republican candidate Ronald Reagan, explaining: “I was young and stupid and sick of the gas lines”, but never voted Republican again.[4]

  14. Somebody warn Rob Glazer -Founder of REAL NETWORKS!!!! Ugly golddigger phony Randi Rhodes will probably try and get him to give her a million dollars because he’s a billionaire- what’s a million to him -she’ll say to him.She’s always trying to charm old naive, gullible Jewish men into handing her money in exchange for nothing.

  15. There seem to be a lot of opinions about Randi, and many are just that, opinions, and not facts. I will add mine, as I have podcasted and listened to every show that Randi did for almost a decade. She is brilliant, politically astute, funny and has integrity. She was hurt by TV never picking her up, and didn’t seem to understand why. I was always a little confounded as to how she could be so patient and almost kind, to rude, hostile, right wing people that hardly ever listened to what she said, as they were plainly not open to it. I wouldn’t have had the patience for it! However, at other times, she could be sarcastic, and almost mean, to people who called(mostly women) who were just uninformed, or ill informed, about the issues, but were really open to listen to what she had to say. I’ll never understand that, as I couldn’t be that short with a well intended caller. Because of that I never called the show, and neither did many other of her listeners. This I know to be true, as I traveled with the Air America Randi Rhodes group to Alaska, and talked to many of her listeners. They respected her, as I did, and loved her program, as I did. But public humiliation is not something we ever wanted to go asking for! In spite of this, I will miss her program immensely, as she kept me well informed and entertained. Love you Randi, All ways….

  16. My problem with Randi’s early “retirement” is that it is in direct opposition to her promise to honor her contract and stay on the air through the 2016 election. When she was reinstated just a few months ago, she could not stop hawking her podcast and the station. She talked non-stop about how she honors her contracts and once she makes a promise she keeps it. Well, now she’s leaving. Early. Walking out on her contract and breaking promises to her audience. I like Randi. I’m sorry to see her go, but geez, Randi. Don’t be a hypocrite. My feeling is she was fired (again). It’s hard to be the voice of reason in an unreasonable world. It all comes down to money and her show didn’t get the ratings they wanted. I just wish she will be honest when this whole thing is over. I’ll miss her show and believe she’ll turn up again. She always does.

  17. I wish Randi Rhodes wouldn’t go. I’ll miss her so much.
    Randi Rhodes was the first progressive talk-radio host of the modern era, and there’s never been anyone else that combined passion, humor, knowledge and Pragmatic political smarts like Randi has. Her passion sometimes obscures the pragmatism under the surface.
    I admire Randi because she started as a rock jock and educated herself on the issues to the point she became an authority on the U.S. Congress and the lawmaking process. No one is better than Randi Rhodes at explaining in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand way.how Congress makes laws.
    Sirius and XM satellite radio introduced me to Randi Rhodes in 2005, and I’ve learned a lot from her over the past 8 years. I’ll always have a crush on her. Love ya, Randi !
    I’ll be pushing MSNBC and others to give you an outlet for your voice. But if you’re planning to retire to a more quiet life, perhaps with a significant other (?), then I wish you the best.

  18. Truly hate that she is leaving. Say what you want, but she not only researched her facts, she encouraged us to look it up for ourselves. In a world where facts are disregarded and misinformation is embraced, we need her now more than ever. I have a feeling, she’ll be back in the not too distant future.

  19. I will really miss her obstreperous, passionate, funny broadcasts. I hate that she is this fed up, but I totally understand it. I do hope she turns up again. I haven’t heard her much since the NYC progressive radio went off the air. This week will be sad. I hope she hates this early retirement just enough to podcast. Or something! Best of luck, RR.

  20. Randi Rhodes ratings were very low-not even a 1 share- in the most liberal cities-New York, Portland,OR, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta- those cities except San. Fran. dumped her program.

  21. Randi decided to end her show herself. I first listened to her on Air America, thought she was bright, articulate and funny. After she was fired from Air America which I believed was wholly unnecessary I followed her to her next outlet. I could barely listen to her, to me she had become bitter, mean and petty. Her attacks on Al Franken were vicious as were her subsequent comments/tirades about Rachel Maddow. She never missed an opportunity to tell you that she said this or that before anybody else, everyone on liberal/progressive radio was stealing from her. I literally stopped listening to her for a few years because I found her painfully jealous of most o the people she claimed were unqualified to have their job on MSNBC.

    I wish her the best in here new life. Hopes she finds peace and contentment off the air waves.

    • Randi Rhodes is my heroine.She speaks the truth,& facts are the tools in her wheelhouse. Her sense of humor & knowledge of laws & facts are unassailable.

      We wish she & her loved ones a healthy,joyous journey into the next chapters. *Taz n Ric*(The Awoo Crew)

  22. Rhandi Rhodes will be greatly missed. As a long time Canadian fan of hers, she taught me a lot about American policies and poltics! This has greatly improved my understanding of the American way! I wish her all the best in the future! May Uranius be with you, Rhandi! Talk Radio will never be the same!

  23. Randi Rhodes was entertaining as well as informative. The problem with so many progressive talkers is that they are too academic and are not broadcasters. Brandi was an experienced broadcaster, starting out as a disc jockey and this experience showed in her broadcasts. Hopefully, Randi will get tired of retirement and return to the air.

  24. Randi will reemerge somewhere soon I’m sure. She’s a brilliant, talented and patriotic woman that also served her country in the military. She pulls no punches and walks the walk and if it were not for Randi, I probably never would have gotten so involved in paying attention to the broken political system in this country. It’s amazing that she does not have her own TV show, but I can recall her saying things about having to sell out to a degree and she was having none of it. Good luck Randi and hope to see you in the spotlight soon.

    • Randi Rhodes went AWOL from the Air Force. She didn’t serve 6 years she served less than 2 years. There are silly naive gullible dittoheads on the left just like Limbaugh’s dopey dittoheads. You have no idea what a liar and a phony Randi Rhodes really is…..TOO FUNNY! Read the article “MY LIFE AS CO HOST WITH SHOCK JOCK PERRY STONE”
      The reason why Randi Rhodes doesn’t sue for defamation regarding negative FACTS posted about her on websites-is because it’s all FACTS. With her past and all the lies she’s said on air and all the people she has defamed there is no way anyone would give her a TV show.

    • Randi’s retirement is confusing to me for many reasons. Randi is a Brooklyn born American gal thru and thru. She’s not a Costa Rican because we all know the USA is deeply embedded in her heart.Her beloved daughter Jessica is here and she mentioned that she is keeping her Florida home to vote.How long is a cosmopolitan Brooklynite going to last in the rainforest jungles of Costa Rica. When you have monkies and wild goats for neighbors I predict Randi won’t last 6 months. She mentioned that doing radio talk was like “meth” giving that rush you get when you connect with a audience.I wonder if animals can give you that same feeling? Premeire has been trying to bury her in low wattage small markets for years, while stephanie,Schultz,Hartmann and Joe Madison have been in the top 20 of Talkers Magazine for awhile.I’ve done a little research on Casa Serendipia,Costa Rica and then to Playa Dominical and searched houses in the area. Surprise, surprise,surprise.A house turned up that had a picture of the owners, Randi and Howard.They have listed this as a vacation rental,$439/day/weekly and monthly also.They already have comments from people who have rented in March and April of 2014.I looked at the monthly calender and May 17 onto the end of June is unavailable, but July and August are wide open.Howard and Randi are in the vacation rental business with Costa Rica being a weekly or monthly retirement home.I think Randi would be proud of my research.

  25. Randi Rhodes was entertaining as well as informative. The problem with so many progressive talkers is that they are too academic and are not broadcasters. Randi was an experienced broadcaster, starting out as a disc jockey and this experience showed in her broadcasts. Hopefully, Randi will get tired of retirement and return to the air.

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