Radiocreativeland launches Mercury Awards challenge


Over 1,000 bucks is up for grabs as announces its first-ever Radio Mercury Awards Challenge. visitors who pick the grand prize winner are entered into a drawing for the 500 dollar prize.  Those who pick the category winners are entered into a drawing for multiple 25 dollar prizes.  Visitors can also sign up for the newsletter and if they are the 500th sign-up, they can win an additional 500 bucks.

"We wanted to give people a chance to listen to some great radio creative and win some cash as well," said Doug Zanger, Founder and President of Xhang Creative and editor of  "We also want people to get a chance to get to know us better and there is no better incentive than great content.  Oh, and fresh, crisp, clean hundreds doesn’t hurt either."

The contest will run until Tuesday, May 20th.  Updates on entries, full rules and details are available at

Radiocreativeland is a Radio 2020 website/blog that celebrates radio and audio-centric creative and content.  The goal of this blog (and upcoming community site) is to discuss, debate and highlight the unique discipline of radio and the radio/audio creative process.

Xhang Creative is a Portland, Oregon-based radio and audio content creative agency/consultancy.  Focused on radio/audio creative and digital content, Xhang Creative’s clients include:  Tiger Balm, the Radio Advertising Bureau, Entercom, Dick Hannah Dealerships and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries/Portland.