Radio industry to benefit as RBR and Radio Guide Magazine team up


Radio Business Report (RBR) and Radio Guide Magazine today announced an agreement to make the broad range of news and information from both publications available to readers at a single online location. Extensive content from Radio Guide is now available to you in a dedicated section of, a leading provider of news, research and insight on the broadcasting world.

"This is a strategic partnership with one of the most reputable and independent publications serving the engineering field," said RBR Publisher Jim Carnegie. He said the addition of Radio Guide content to fills a major void for his 25-year-old publication. "The key is the expertise in engineering and technology," he noted of the "content marriage."

Radio Guide CEO and Publisher Ray Topp said his readers from the technology side of radio now need to look beyond building studios and maintaining transmitters. "They have to learn about radio as a business," Topp said of the current industry and its fast-paced changes. "RBR is the perfect place for that," he noted.

The inverse is also true, with radio managers needing to keep up on fast-changing technology and new media developments. "We’re slanted toward the deep technology, but written so managers with an interest in engineering can understand it," Topp said of the content in his 15-year-old Radio Guide, published by Media Magazines Inc. For example, "we’ve done a number of stories on safety," he noted, as well as stories on how to set up for an FCC inspection. "It’s something managers need to know," Topp said.

Radio Guide will continue to be published as a bi-monthly, 64-page magazine. A new weekly email publication, built on the template of the RBR, TVBR and MBR Daily Epapers, will be launched shortly for the 10,000+ engineering professionals who subscribe to Radio Guide. In addition, a Radio Guide section will begin appearing in the RBR Daily Epaper.

Content from Radio Guide is now available in the "Engineering News Powered By Radio Guide" section of under the subheadings Industry News, Equipment News, Station Ops and Tech Topics. Future plans call for the posting of related video in the "Media Center."

The objective is to take the uniqueness of both brands and integrate them to the benefit of the radio industry, Carnegie and Topp agreed. By joining forces, the two publications will not only better serve their respective audiences, but enhance both operations through the power of cross-marketing and cross-promotion.