Radio helps build success for Sweet Tea Project


Car RadioAccording to 429 Records, Ed Roland is no stranger to the value of radio – it has helped make him a #1 hit-maker seven times in the past and helped to sell some 10 million albums. Now radio is helping Roland launch his latest musical endeavor: Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project.

Three radio stations in particular are cited in helping Roland get his latest single — “Love Won’t Bring Us Down” from new album release “Devils ‘n’ Darlins” – off the ground. And it is an eclectic mix of AAA outlets, including a major national group, a local owner and a key noncom outlet. All are in major markets.

The stations cited by 429 Records include:
* University of California Northridge’s KCSN-FM 88.5 in Los Angeles
* Cumulus Media’s KFOG-FM 105.5 in San Francisco
* Northeast Broadcsating’s WXRV-FM in Boston.

429 stated, “The new project spearheaded by the Collective Soul front man is off to a great start with strong radio airplay of their first single “Love Won’t Bring Us Down” in Los Angeles (KCSN), San Francisco (KFOG), Boston (WXRV) and many more.”

Detailing Roland’s rich radio past, 429 said, “For the past two decades, Atlanta native Ed Roland has been the front man and heart of the platinum-selling rock band Collective Soul.  He has written seven #1 radio hits, and has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.”

RBR-TVBR observation: If radio was indeed ripping off musicians, they wouldn’t be trying to get their songs on radio in the first place, much less bragging about their success getting songs on radio.

Time and time again, the recording industry is the one that advertises how important radio is to their own commercial success. It boggles the mind when they turn right around and argue that airplay has no value when pursuing a performance royalty for airplay.