Quarterback helps complete pass to Catholic radio


San Diego Chargers star quarterback Philip Rivers has a hand in the fund-raising that led to the sale of KCEO-AM in the San Diego market to IHR Educational Broadcasting. The former Astor Group station is going noncommercial with a Catholic format beginning 3/7/12.

The station is a Class B on 1000 kHz. It has 2.5 kW-D and 250 W-N using a directional antenna array. It also has room to improve – it holds a CP to go up to 5 kW-D and 900 W-N. Its city of license is Vista CA.

IHR acquired the station for $4.75M. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, Rivers, his wife Tiffany and other have been involved with a fund-raising project that stretched over four years and brought in more than $5M.

IHR is headed by Douglas M. Sherman. An application to acquire the station was filed with the FCC 11/17/11.

The format is Catholic talk, and covers current events and discussion of matters of interest to the Church. It will also include educational material designed to teach about the Church and its history, and to provide its perspective on various issues.

Rivers commented that it is his job to pass, and said this effort has been an opportunity to pass along his faith β€œβ€¦to my kids and the community.”