TVB Seeks To Dunk Drunk and ‘Buzzed’ Holiday Drivers


With holiday parties approaching, the Ad Council, Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are set to put a stop to drunk and “buzzed” driving in the final weeks of December.

prb_logo_2010_for_reg_Now in its 13th year, the Project Roadblock is designed to raise awareness of impaired driving. As of today, one-third of all driving fatalities during the holiday season involve drinking and driving.

Here’s how the project works:

  • Each year between Dec. 26-31, local broadcast TV stations across the country donate airtime to Buzzed Driving Prevention PSAs, with a special push at 10 p.m. local time on New Year’s Eve.
  • 2015 was the most successful year to-date for Project Roadblock, as more than 1,000 TV stations participated and the initiative received 65,000 ad placements, resulting in $8.1 million dollars of donated airtime.
  • Since its inception in 2004, broadcast TV stations across the nation have donated more than $49.4 million worth of airtime.
  • To date, over 700 TV stations – representing 194 of 210 DMAs across the country – have pledged to air the spots this year to help save lives in their communities.

This year’s Project Roadblock efforts will include a new television PSA, created pro bono by Cog NYC.

The spot is designed to help people recognize the “warning signs” that they’ve had too much to drink before they make the decision to drive.

Examples of warning signs include planning to take the back roads home to avoid checkpoints, or rolling down the windows for fresh air to stay alert.

The spot ends with the tagline “Probably okay isn’t okay,” reminding drivers that if they’re questioning their ability to drive, they should find a safe way to get home instead of getting behind the wheel.