Post-Incentive Auction Second Filing Window Opens Oct. 3


Upon conclusion of the FCC’s incentive auction (a.k.a. Auction 1000), the Commission initiated a transition period during which the facilities of broadcast television stations that received new channel assignments in the post-incentive auction repacking process will be reauthorized and relicensed.

As directed by the Commission, this transition period includes two filing windows for eligible full power and Class A stations to file for alternate channels and expanded facilities.

The first priority filing window closed last Friday (9/15). The second filing window will
open on Tuesday, Oct. 3, and close at 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 2.

During the second filing window, any reassigned station or band changing station may file an amendment to its initial construction permit application, if still pending, or a modification to its construction permit, if granted, to seek an alternate channel or expanded facilities from that specified in the Closing and Channel Reassignment
Public Notice.

Applications for expanded facilities are limited to those that qualify as a minor change
under the Commission’s rules.

Applicants in the second filing window must protect the facilities proposed in the first
priority filing window, whether those stations’ applications have been granted or remain pending.

Applicants in the second window must also protect the construction permit facilities of reassigned stations and band changing stations filed in the initial 90-day filing window, whether those stations’ applications have been granted or remain pending.

In addition, all applications must protect the facilities specified in applications filed before the April 2013 freeze with “cut-off” protection.

Applications filed by Class A stations must also demonstrate that the proposal would not cause interference to a low power television or television translator facility previously authorized or proposed.

Additional costs incurred in constructing alternate channels or expanded facilities are not reimbursable under the TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund and must be paid by the station.