Popular Radioplayer App Enters U.S. Market


It’s a leading audio streaming app for broadcast radio in countries ranging from Canada and Germany to the United Kingdom. Now, it is gearing up to compete head-on with TuneIn in the U.S., with a Partnerships Lead in place whose chief task will be to bring its internationally known app to domestic vehicles and other audio streaming platforms.

Ready to come across the Atlantic is Radioplayer, and Ken Lloyd hopes to make it stick from coast to coast.

To Lloyd’s benefit are existing relationships overseas between Radioplayer and Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Renault.

If Lloyd sounds familiar, it is because he exited in October 2022 as VP of Digital Distribution, Platform Partners & Licensing at Audacy. From October 2015-September 2018, he was at Paramount Pictures, in the role of Vice President Digital Distribution for North America.

Lloyd began his career at Sony Music Entertainment in autumn 2000 and would later work at Nickelodeon before taking a key digital role at Microsoft, in its Xbox Store.

“Radioplayer’s unique ownership by the radio industry itself sets us apart, as we are laser-focused on ensuring radio’s prominence in the connected dashboard and on other connected devices,” Lloyd said. “I look forward to working with broadcasters and third-party platforms to deliver value-added services and continue breaking new ground in securing the future of radio.”

Radioplayer CEO Yann Legarson added, “At Radioplayer, we’re enthusiastic about pushing boundaries and ensuring that radio remains relevant and prominent in the digital age. With Ken joining our team, we’re keen to expand our dedication to empowering broadcasters in the US market, thereby improving the radio experience for listeners and our distribution partners alike. Leveraging our distribution capabilities, data-driven insights for better content, and enhanced radio experiences, we’re driving value for the entire radio ecosystem.”

Radioplayer’s expansion into the U.S. market coincides with the upcoming Radiodays Europe event in Munich, where the company will showcase its latest advancements and unveil upcoming projects. The event will include Radioplayer’s announced release session alongside Google and automotive innovator CARIAD.


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