PointRoll, Tribune Media Services debut ChannelFinder ad format


Gannett’s PointRoll subsidiary, provider of rich media advertising, in conjunction with Tribune Media Services, provider of TV and movie information, have introduced a new online ad format, “ChannelFinder”. It provides a platform for delivering interactive and engaging promotional content and tune-in info directly to Internet users to drive them to viewing.

The new tool effectively generates interest in the advertiser’s programming by showcasing promotional content such as video clips, interviews, interactive polls or games. These feature-rich ads are further enhanced by localized TV listings data from TMS, which promotes viewership by offering specific channel information based on the user’s location and TV provider along with a call-to-action message.

The combination of rich media and listings functionality in ChannelFinder results in a highly engaging, informative and useful ad vehicle for program promotion. It provides a prime opportunity for tune-in advertisers seeking to drive user interaction with their messaging and to convert Internet users into viewers. PointRoll offers full production and creative services to produce the ads, and robust metrics and reporting to allow marketers to track and optimize the advertisements’ performance with their audience.

TMS powers the nation’s leading television and movie guide products which reach millions of consumers through clients including Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Dish Network, TiVo, IMDB, Yahoo!, AOL, The New York Times and USA Today.