Point-Counterpoint on Voltair


VoltairOne party says there are more than enough numbers to answer the question as to whether or not Voltair has an effect on ratings. Another party says there are too many opposing viewpoints to allow the situation to go unstudied.

Randy Kabrich has been pumping out numbers to support his argument that Voltair at best produces only a marginal increase in results for the stations that use it.

His latest study focuses only on the top ten markets, where he says there is ample reason to believe that Voltair usage is widespread.

His results line up with his previous results. He states that if the product simply picks up listeners that were previously being missed, then AQH numbers have nowhere to go but up. He says there is no evidence of any significant increase.

Larry Johnson at Paragon Research, on the other hand, notes that Research Director produced a limited study that seems to show a Voltair effect, and adds that numerous broadcasters seem to believe it is working.

It is Johnson’s belief that a thorough third-party study is needed to put the issue to bed once and for all.